Friday, May 22, 2009

Yesterday part 2

After Shaumburg plaza we skate Northbrooke park. I'm not a big fan of the park, but the cold wind was fun.

I learned Krook popovers on the big rail. I originally filmed this video exclusively to send to Ari Shiffrin because he's the best at this trick, but I also wanted to show the internet that I can do them.

Chris Courville blasted a phatty bo batty!

Blevins feebled and fiveO'd.

Kryger turned up the sex in the park with this invert attempt.

This video didn't really work because the lights went out, but Steve nosegrinded and someone yelled 'chumpy omega'

And I wanted to end the post with a Chumpchange debut from Tom Gallagher. Here he turns from a regular horse into a beautiful wing-ged Unicorn.

good day overall, but then again, they're all good days.

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