Monday, May 11, 2009

overly long post

We went to Chicago again today.

Recent college graduate Christopher Smith, high school dropout Brad Rogers, and fasion designer Buster Bear enjoying Wilson.

I got to skate with Phil and Davis on their way back to Philadelphia.

Family photo: Upper left to lower right. Professor Dave, Birdman, Yeah Beardshop owner Steve Davenport, Illinois lover boy Tom Gallager, Artist Christopher Smith, and retired blogger Brad Rogers of catfacemeomers fame.

Chicago is not next to an ocean but it looks like it.

Poor ducks. I wasn't going to use this picture because it's sort of a downer, but this is real life kids. You need to see this type of thing.

But on a brighter note, these two little ducks are going strong.

Ocean and skyline

We went to Chicago's other skatepark on the south side. I hadn't been there in years.

We walked out into the city after skating both parks.

Steve kickflipped near the Bundy fountain.

And got all Punchy over some tall stuff.

The big faces saw.

The bean was still there.
Self bean.

And finally, at the end of a long day. God gave me a sign. Finally I know what I need to do with my life.........I'm going to get a degree in Snackonomics!

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  1. Hey thanks for doing that favor for me, JERK! ;)