Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bummer after summer.

One of my favorite skate buddies, Brad, busted his wrist. Now we're going to both be hooked on pain killers.

crankin em out

i accidentally put something in their twice. see if you notice

Monday, September 27, 2010

Ted Schmitz

The answer to my last post's question and today's interview are both Ted Schmitz. A lot could be said about Ted. He has a pretty powerful personality. He yells when he laughs. He skates really well, whether he's joking or serious. He's a total Roger, sort of a barney. He keeps strange hours. I don't know what to say about Ted. I like him. Most people do.

Name: Theodore Thomas Schmitz
Top 3 favorite cities: Tempe AZ, P-Town OR, Not Las Vegas.
Top 3 skateboarders: Cards, Keegs, Kenny Anderson and Rowley... I TOOK A 4TH! :)
Top 3 favorite skaters you know personally: Ryan Lay, Preston Harper, You're Friend Ben Smith.
When was your prime? Right before I start to pull the old guy card.
5 good bands: Dead Milkmen, Misfits, Who Doesn't LIke Belle and Sebastian?! The Thermals, Built To Spill, Dare I say SHARK BAIT?! :) I took 6!
5 good songs: I won't say I'm in Love - Hercules Soundtrack, Alpha Rats Nest - The Mountain Goats, If We Can Land A Man On the Moon .... Beulah, For Queen and Country - Anti Nowhere League, My Heart Will Go On - Celine D
5 tricks that you can’t do: SS FS Flip, DOuble Flipz, Dolphin Flipz, Pressure flips with loose trucks, Caballaerials (sp?)
Spirit animal: Sea Turtle/ Sloth mix........ Slurtle.
5 good books: Harry Potter above all. I heard 1984 is cool to say. Animal Farm is also on that same cool list. Agatha Christi Bookz, I have to go to this workshop with Kurt Vonnegut, He's my idle.
What’s the worst? People who skate epic only talking about riding motorcycles. Pessimism
What’s the best? Price and Ryan coming home in 2 weeks. Working On the Brimley Video. Optimism.
3 good non skateboarders: Eric Blair, Akira Kurosawa, Tom Hanks!
What do you like to do outside of skateboarding? Romantic Comedies, Not Fascism, Wit, Good Lunch Conversations.
What is your prized possession? This is where everyone goes Skateboard. Oh wait I forgot it's not cool to openly say skating is you're favorite thing. So I'm gonna go with..... My old Harley that I took apart and rebuilt just for fun. I also switched the fenders with a 76 honda but you can't really tell cause I shaved the caps down.
What will end the world? Fascism. Pessimism. Humans & The Sun. The Squarics <---- see what I did there?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

First house guest at my new apartment.

Guess who and win a trip to Tahiti!

New Video

I made a video out of some skateboarding that happened today.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Pixies

After a week or so of struggling with the decision to spend almost forty dollars, I went and saw the Pixies tonight in Mesa. It was an awesome show, and I was psyched on the crowd. It was cool being among the youngest people there. The band played some old B-sides and then got into playing their album, Doolittle(which their entire tour is based off of), start to finish. When they finished going through the entire album they left the stage but came back twice to play more. It was an awesome time and I'm really glad that I went.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm posting this despite warnings from other blogs not to!

My only photogenic trick!

shot and killed by Chris Fetter.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sent in to me by:

I woke up to this picture the other day of my mom holding up a fish that she caught.

Jewelry made from my old skateboard from Lindsay Holmes.
Steve Perdue Yeah ad on the Berrics from Lorena.
I love the screen shots. From Tj Larson
Sneak peak at some Chris Fetter photos from guess who? Chris Fetter
Big old stairs from Chris Fetter. He'd probably clap once if he ollied these stairs.
When Ari told me he was moving in with Vlad, I didn't really expect that he meant he was moving in moving in!
Weird things on the TV from Ari
This is a wierd one. Ari sent me this a few days after this nap was taken, just to add to the wierdness I think.
Ari luh dat shit.
Ari sent me this and then didn't invite me to go skate afterwards.
The next five pictures are from Steve D.
Chumpchange/Yeah add on the Berrics. I hope no gay-haters saw it.
SAG and POB from Steve D. I want a three letter nickname.
CJ being little and stylish as always
Steezy pushing
This bird met it's end by slamming into the window at Yeah boardshop. Sorry buddy.

Zoe Pope and her team of flunkies

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Andrew McCarthy

If you asked any skateboarder in Arizona about Andrew McCarthy, they'd all talk about how stylish he is on the skateboard. So, to not spend too much time on the obvious, I'll try to avoid mentioning that too much here. But he's seriously got one of the best skateboarding styles I(and most people) have ever seen. Add to that the fact that he's also amazingly spontaneous on the board, which is one of my favorite and most envied qualities in a skateboarder. My favorite thing about his skating, though, are his slams (sorry Drew). Just like some of his tricks seem to come completely out of nowhere, he'll take the gnarliest slams out of the same nowhere. In life he's as calm as his skating is fun to watch. He's a simle man who loves his dog probably more than anyone has ever loved a dog (even though it growls at me). I don't know what more I can say about Drew. He's not around all that much, but when he is it's always a treat. Maybe his allusiveness is what makes him so great. Keep doing what you're doing Drew.

Name: Andrew McCarthy
I’m so indecisive I usually avoid ‘favorites’ but I will try my best just for Tim.
Top 3 favorite cities:
• Berlin because I’m here for the Summer and love it and will miss it dearly.
• San Francisco and Portland tie for roadtrip Summer memories
• Traverse City, Michigan for childhood Summer memories
Honorable Mention: Phoenix Metro area because it’s home when it’s not Summer.
Top 3 skateboarders:
• Dennis Busenitz
• Andrew Reynolds for my childhood
• Gino Iannucci
Top 3 skateboarders that you know personally:
• Michael Tubbs
• The Harper Brothers (too close to call)
• Ted Schmitz, John Rob Moore, Ryan Lay, Levi Brown, Randy Ploesser
• This could be a top 25 I think.
When was your prime?
Tc4th? I think it was the closest thing I’ve had to a full part.
5 good bands:
I’m letting my iTunes do the work for me, from the top 25 most played of the past few weeks.
• Mumford & Suns
• The Middle East
• LCD Soundsystem
• Here We Go Magic
• J├┤nsi
5 good songs:
• Wagon Wheel – Old Crow Medicine Show
• Easy Beat – Dr. Dog
• Je Veuz Te Voir – Yelle
• I’ve Got a Feeling – Neva Dinova
• Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground – Chris Thile (just for you because you love the White Stripes)
5 tricks that you can’t do:
• Hardflip
• Impossible
• Frontside bigspin
• Feeble (you witnessed the first and only I have ever done!)
• Anything on transition taller than 6 feet. :(
Spirit animal:

5 (three) good books:
• The People of Paper – Salvador Plascencia
• The History of Love – Nicole Krauss
• Extremely Load and Incredibly Close – Jonathan Safran
• Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Order a Pizza (it was my first book, pretty awesome)
• I just finished 1984 last night, pretty cool.
What’s the worst?
A lot of people, mostly.
What’s the best?
Dogs, some of the people that aren’t the worst (loved ones and family), fun, and living. I really enjoy food and beverages. I look forward to every meal of the day, coffee in the morning, and beer in the evening.
3 good non skateboarders:
• My Momma
• Bruno
• Kara

What do you like to do outside of skateboarding?
travel when possible, take pictures and observe people and animals. Laying in bed is actually one of my favorite activities as well. I like thinking about how much more I should go skateboarding also.
What is your prized possession?
I feel most nostalgic for my first car that almost killed me when the hood flipped up on the freeway. But I’m not so attached to my things. There’s a lot I couldn’t live without, but it’s not like they’re irreplaceable.
What will end the world?
Technology will end humans, the sun will probably end the world.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Not much to report.

Did some Sunday laundry with Zoe. It was pretty fun.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My day today.

My newest and most boring creation.

skating, bike riding, tried to watch Devo from the bridge, got kicked out, more bike riding, some walking, kevinly doing tricks.. that's it

Friday, September 17, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I've been putting off some pretty important stuff. Yet I've still be able to squeeze in at least 2 episodes of Law and Order: SVU everyday. I need to get my priorities straight.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm no good at this stuff anymore.

"Well Tim for someone who hates people 'reblogging' as much as you do, you've sure been doing a lot of it lately"-the public.

Here's a funny picture from Preston's blog.

And of course Bart's Free Lunch is fucking hilarious.

Public Service Announcement

Dry Bones Public Service Announcement. from Kevin erst on Vimeo.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Matt Blevins

Matt Blevins is one of my favorite people. He's funny, witty, and good looking. He's good at skateboarding, good at guitar, amazing at filming and making skate videos, and who knows what else. He has a serious amount of potential stored in his tiny frame. He has the diet of a 7 year old (like me). He wants me to add that when he's busy doing nothing he rides motorcycles and hooks up with all kinds of chicks. He's one of my favorite people and I wish that he would get off his ass, and his computer, and move to Arizona so we could spend hours talking about how lame skateboarding is.

Name: Matthew John Blevins.
Top 3 favorite cities: Roselle park. my bedroom. Yeah Boardshop.
Top 3 skateboarders: i liked rick mccrank, arto, and rowley when i was younger and they are still some of my favorites. right now i like the way grant taylor, javier mendizabal and pontus alv skate. kenny and brian anderson get better with age. i want to see that leo romero stay gold part.
Top 3 skateboarders that you know personally: Dry Bones Nation/Good ole boys. Everyone i've met in arizona is good. you know who you are…this is me telling you that you're good.
When was your prime? right before i started answering these questions. that's all over with now.
5 good bands: right now im listening to: townes van zandt, john prine, the band, van morrison. waylon jennings.
5 good songs: at the moment…"sleeping" by the band. "to live is to fly" by townes van zandt. "In a Town this size" by john prine. "rainy day woman" by waylon jennings. astral weeks album by van morrison. "always be my baby" by mariah carey.
5 tricks that you can’t do: any 5 tricks that involve your hands, and most of the ones with just your feet.
Spirit animal: Blevins means Wolf Cub. i guess i could be a childish lone wolf type. tim ward is my wolf mother though.
5 good books: i think the last one i read was the levon helm autobiography about the band. i'm too easily distracted to finish a book these days.
What’s the worst? taking life too seriously. a downward spiral of negativity into a pit of despair.
What’s the best? not being serious. floating through life like a feather flying around in the breeze, kinda like the feather at the end of forrest gump…oh my god i just got it.
3 good non skateboarders: comedians. musicians. whoever makes me want to laugh and dance. don't ask me to dance the next time i see you, whoever is reading this. i'm a private dancer. a dancer for money.
What do you like to do outside of skateboarding? play guitar. Eat unhealthy food. watch movies. lollygag.
What is your prized possession? the ability to consciously ignore everything. it doesn't work a lot of the time.
What will end the world? probably dying of heart disease after eating too many hot dogs for one lifetime. that's when my world ends.

I'm not sure what this is.

Matt has some of the best tricks in this part!

Day 1 of learning to play the piano.

is going pretty well.

fuck you baby

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Michael Kryger

Pulled this from Matt Blevins' bloggy. I just think everyone should see it.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ben Smith

Real skateboarding from a real skateboarder who wakes up at 5 am to go to work everyday.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Not much to say today

Matt Blevins made this probably a year ago.

Listen to this and this...

and I restarted my twitter career. I don't know why. I'll probably delete it again soon.

www.Tim is a wierdo who starts and deletes his twitter every few

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ted of the Month!

Congratulations Ted, you're the Roger of the Month. Too bad you've got to quit Brimley now.

Ted Schmitz - Roger of the Month - Sept 10 - 1st Edit from Roger Skateboards on Vimeo.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sent to me by:

Scott Gall has a message to send!
Shin blood from Steve D
Steve D just hooked himself up properly.
I love the random tv screen shot pictures that I get from Steve
Danny Way threw in a few steroids in this box from Steve D
Dgaph Tom between slams from Steve D
Large M&M from Lorena. That thing is like 200 times the size of her.
Chickens from Lorena. These guys are only like twice as big as her.
Lorena's dog is about 5 times her size.
This palmtree from Lorena is about 10 Lorenas tall.
Ari was the first to break the news that my two favorite skaters had gotten into a fight.
I hate when Ari sends me pictures of my exgirlfriends
thanks for pointing your eyeballs this direction. keep sending me more pictures.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Video

I forgot to put a song with it. I'm stupid.

My new home!

First look at my new apartment

Saturday, September 4, 2010

"99 problems but a bitch aint, wait what? Yeah I'll drive you to the airport"

Seeing this A-hole's license plate made waking up at 8 to drive Zoe to the airport worth it.

I thought it was funny that this guy was also dropping a girl off at the airport at 8am...

Buzzy Sullivan

My friend Buzzy has a little thingy on some photo website.

Check out this photo of a halfcab flip

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I took this from the chrome ball incident

my all time favorite skateboarder