Wednesday, May 13, 2009

private insider email leakage

Here is some secret insider director email gossip between me and my friend Buzzy. Buzzy is in Red and I am in Blue.

Hey guys,
So my one real final @ school this term was supposed to be the week before finals week, but unfortunently my instructor only shows up to class when she can fit it in her schedule of sicknesses, so the final has been pushed back to weds the 10th so dunnnnnnnnn dunnnnnnnn I won't be at camp for the first few days.
I am flying out on the evening of the 10th so I will be there on thursday. Sorry for the pains in the asses.
The asses,

thanks for that Buzzy, the panic attack that I had from spring camp just ended like five minutes ago!!!!

Dont worry you will be fine, just remember whenever anybody needs something and your confused, just yell at them and tell them they are idiots. Trust me I've been doing it for 30 years. Never fails.

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  1. you're screwed. you'll need a whistle, mirrored cop sunglasses, a tight military hat (get from bikers), and a tank top. just don't forget to stretch the kids out. key.