Sunday, May 10, 2009

Arty Party

I partied again tonight! But this party was different. Last night's party was sort of a 'parents are out of town' type party, but tonight was a graduation from art school type party. These are images from my friend Chris Smith's apartment in Chicago which he has opened up to be a sort of live in gallery. He graduated from UIC art school today so we went to his house to congratulate him. It was an awesome gathering of some good old friends who have gone seperate ways over the last few years.

My brain is too thick for this level of artyness, but Chris' medicine cabinet in his bathroom is one of the places in his apartment in which people display their artwork.

His guest bedroom is another art space within his apartment/gallery. I don't know what to say about this exibit. It has to do with Ireland, and the creation of new leaders. Way too arty for my party.

This is Chris Fetter appreciating the art from the living room, while Steve Davenport gets a closer look.

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  1. so awss! chris is the raddest. (smith, that is) also, fetter is rad.