Sunday, August 30, 2009

From the mind (and refrigerator) of my favorite Love Advice Columnist Zoe Pope!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back home?

So, I'm back in Arizona now.

I stopped by Cody Bear, Thailand, Milic, and Preston's new place and said hi to some dudez.
Rip clip haver, Ryan Reyes soaking up the fame.

A mysterious Raver stopped by to show off his new gear.

I was even able to squeeze a daily monkey(.............attempt) out of him.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My baby........
Tonight was mega fun. We went to skate the mini ramp/bowl thingy at the Vans offices. We had a good crew and had an awesome time. Pretty boring post I'd say.

Kevin Willrick

Chris Fetter

Bart Jones

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A camper stole my phone and took a picture of me.

Some cool kids, Judd and Alex. Alex is actually one of my favorite kids. He's the one on the right with the blonde hair and dreds. I met him last summer at camp. He was homesick and I was pretty much the first person to talk to him and made him feel better, he was attached to my hip the rest of the week at camp. He came back this summer and we hung out again. That kid makes me want to get more involved with the kids that I work with and he makes me want to find some sort of job where I have the opportunity to become a part of a kid's life in a more meaningful way. Hanging out with him just made me happier at camp and I know he was really psyched to hang out with me too. He's also a really good guitar player.

Now that I'm done with summer camp, I don't know what to do next. I'm in California right now hanging out with friends and sorta skating. My toe is hurty so the skating part is sorta sucking because I can't really do much without my toe aching inside of my shoe.

I'm super nervous about going back to Arizona and not being able to find a job. Last winter I was lucky to work 8 hours a week and I was pretty broke the entire time. Working at camp is such a good escape from real life. You don't have to worry about rent, food, and where you're going to skate at all for the entire summer. And then when you get out, it's like being let out of prison, you don't know what normal life is like.
The summer flew by really quick it seems. If I think of specific things or certain kids that came to woodward in the beginning of summer, then it seems like forever ago, but the summer as a whole went by so quick. I could easily spend more than 11 weeks there if I had to. A lot of people seem burnt out towards the end of summer, but I have a pretty good set up there and I don't have many complaints about being there.

Now it's on to other things for a while, I've been looking online to try to find a job in Arizona where I can keep working with kids, but so far nothing has come up. I hope that this winter I can get on some more Woodward marketing trips or find some cool job where I get to play with funny kids or both.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Another day in San Diego

Ari waiting his turn at Memorial skatepark

Ari decided he didn't like the way this kid was looking at him so he started a two man brawl

After the dust settled, Ari was able to get this pivot fakie in the deep end

The park was super crowded though, Ari tried to get the footy and some other dude was trying the same trick!

After the skatepark, we went to a place called the Secret Beach, all those people heard the secret.

The beach itself is straight edge, even though half the people there were using some sort of illegal substance. Why do I keep seeing people do drugs at beaches?
Lindsay, Ari, and Buzzy deciding what drugs they want to do.

Ari took LSD and thought he could fly.

After the San Diego party was over, Ari and I headed back up to Santa Ana to hang out with the White T shirt gang!

Oceanside beach

Raw Unadulterated Ocean

Ari on top of the world, or the peir.

We did some skate tourism.

Lindsay got down on the hubba, but you're going to have to wait for the video to see.

These fools were getting bamboozeled! Is Buzzy holding Vomit flavor or Candy Corn.


We skated this barrier, which looks a lot better than it really is.

Buzzy smithed it

But not without taking me out first

Bad boys jumping fences

Speaking of bad kids. We went to this ditch afterwards to hang out with some local bad boys. They told me I was faggish for not bringing my board and one of them even went so far as to tell us he's done weed and it's not so bad. His dad came and picked him up a few minutes later and yelled at him for skating without his helmet.
B Jovi

Then we saw Ronson Lambert at a stoplight. Definitely the highlight of the day.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My day part two.

I also went to the Pacific ocean today. I saw some girl do a line of coke off of her boyfriend's car key. When the dude saw me looking he said "Sorry Bro!" fully acknowledging that I was seeing exactly what I thought I saw.

A new chapter!

So camp is over, and now Chumpchange can get good again. I'm sorry to anyone who was paying attention to the blog for the past few months, but it's sucked and I was over it. But now I'm back on the scene.

I'm in Santa Ana right now at the homies house.
Ari and Brad

Ari and Brad and a Yeah board!

We went to this half Trueride and half cement skatepark. It was fun, but my toe is pwned so I could only skate slightly.

Chumpchange is dead!

Oh wait nevermind it's alive

Brad's cousin Zack backsmiths for his Chumpchange debut

This is the hubba that made Ari want to lay down
Ari laying down just after that hubba pwned him

We saw this spot from the road and it looked amazing, it was all rough and shit.
We went to what's called the slider banks and I kicked it while Zack tried some shit

Brad rolling away with more steeze than you could shake a cane at!

Zack bluntsliding to staplegun!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some stuff that's happened lately.

I got a DryBones package.
I gave a sticker to a camper

I did my first backflip at Woodward West

My car got towed

BGP's on the Dekline site

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I had nothing to do with either of these pictures, but the circumstances are so awesome!
Preston took this picture of living legend Ed Templeton and his wife Diana
and he took this picture of preston, ted, neal, and pete.

both the pictures ended up on their blogs!

Monday, August 17, 2009

It's the last week at Woodward for this summer. I can't decide if I'm more nervous or excited about camp being done with. I'm psyched to get back to Arizona and skate and hang out with people back there, but working at camp is such an easy way to live. I don't really care that much, camp is fun and Arizona is fun. Where ever I am is fine with me.

This is some footy and photos (can you really call celly pix 'photos?') from a day away from camp.

This ditch is called 'the virgins.' I have no idea why.

a burner got up

Some footy:

Here's one of my new favorite people, Eric from Las Vegas. I've met him before but now I've gotten to know him a little more and he definitely lives up to the awesome things that I heard about him!

Kevin is another amazing Vegas person. A legend in his own time.

This guys has knocked himself out twice in two weeks. Lucas nosepick in between concussions.

Later that day I went here

Here's the proof!