Tuesday, May 12, 2009

after mother's day mother's day.

Today I went to hang out with my mom at a little quiet place called Woodhaven Lakes. My grandma owns this trailer out there and my mom and her use it as their little getaway place.

Here's my mom fishing it up.

When I was little, I wanted to ollie this gap (off of the platform over the rail) soooo badly. That roof structure wasn't always there, but by the time I was good enough to actually ollie this leap of faith, the bastards of Amboy had done me in by building a roof over my dreams. My sponsor tape will never forgive you Amboy.

I love these windmills. I think that I have some wierd spiritual bond with them because when I see them I am hypnotized. This is by far the biggest one that I've ever seen. You can see one of the wings sitting on the ground too. I love how the music goes with the rotation.......


  1. you lived by Amoby? dang i was in Oregon...

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  3. It's Amboy, Illinois. And I never lived there, I just used to drive through a few times each summer. Who are you Anonymous?