Thursday, May 7, 2009

All you need is love!

This is a picture of one of my nearest and dearest friends. I'm not going to use her name because she'd probably be really mad. She doesn't want to be out there on the internet like the rest of us, that's why I used a picture where you can't see her face. Anyway, I haven't seen her since this summer so tonight I had her pick me up and I took her out to dinner. Good time, good time. I've been friends with her since third grade and I've been pretty close friends with her since high school. One thing that sucks about moving away is you don't get to see your closest friends often enough. Not that it's difficult to keep in touch, and I'm better at it than most people, but I still wish that I could see certain people more.


One thing that I think is important and everyone should do better is keeping in touch with old friends. And not just on myspace and shit like that. Call them, visit them, see them etc. It's too easy now to be lazy and just poke them on facebook now and again, but I think it's really important to have close friends and keep them, but that takes effort.


  1. you took her our to dinner?? you never take me out anymore.

  2. at least we have the poke thing going