Sunday, May 31, 2009

Poo Poo Zoo Zoo.

I went to the St. Louis Zoo today in hopes of seeing Drew Etzkorn hard at work at his job painting kids faces at the zoo. Unfortunately, he got off at 4 and since my accomplice and I can't wake up earlier than 3:30pm, we missed him.

Since we were at the zoo anyway, we looked at a few animals. One of which was this massive hippo. I'm always blown away by how huge most animals are, and how if they were smarter and wanted to, they could stomp the shit out of us little humans.

Indiana. is up and runnin'

the moontower promo from themoontower on Vimeo.

California dreamin'

California confuses me. I have a love/hate relationship with the entire state. I 'moved' out there for a few months and I realized that it wasn't for me. That's how I ended up in Arizona. But I love going to California to visit a few times a year!!!

Oceanside has fun parks, this is Ben Smith skating one of them.

Ben's still amazing at skating after all these years.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

They put ugly people on the pretty site!?!?

Here is a good photo of me skating today that I stole from the Pretty blog! I hope they don't cast me out and make me ugly again.

Like I said, this little bank to curb was one of the funnest wait no... funner.... wait no.... most fun things that I've skated in a while. Sorry Roselle park.

standard blogging.

I skated two really amazing St. Louis spots today.

Angle iron ledges for miles!

Then we went to a really fun bank to curb that's the easiest and most fun thing I've ever skated!!!!!

This guys was there!

Sorry for the boring post. I should spend some time and try to think of some funny witty things to say about these clips, but I don't want to.

I wish they all could be.....

California bois!

Friday, May 29, 2009


Ari sent me this picture of him in his brightest clothes!

and I sent him back a picture of me in my brightest clothes!

Tim's do it better!

My buddy Lindsey showed me this! She's a tortured soul.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pat Franklin.

Has my back and I have his.

Chess Chump!

So, tonight I helped my friend learn to play Chess. She'd been taught before, but couldn't really remember how to play. Here she is struggling with some crazy choices!

Here she is celebrating pwning my life!

Ghost post!

Notice anything strange about this picture????!!!!

take a closer look!

Ryan Reyes haunts me wherever I go!

Interview with a wierdo.

Where are you from? Geneva, Illinois.
How old are you? 24
What is your favorite color? blues
Favorite animal? I don't know, I haven't figured it out yet. I've been trying to discover my spirit animal, but nothing has come to me yet. When it happens, I'll know.
Why aren't you in college? Because I don't understand paperwork.
What are you going to be when you grow up? Lately I've been thinking about social work. Teaching has always seemed good to me. Something involving kids though, that's for sure. But if I could really live my dreams, I would have my own talk radio show.
What made you start this blog? I'm not sure. Curiosity mostly I guess. It's taken over a good portion of my brain power though. It's scary because I could probably learn a new language or something if I spent as much time on it as I do on this damn blog.
Why did your ads get disabled by google? Oh you heard about that, that's crazy. Well google was monitoring me and then could tell that all the clicks were just Ari clicking them for me so I could make money. It sucks because I was up to like $28 dollars from those ads. Thanks anyway Ari.
So where do you live right now? Nowhere. I'm homeless.
How did your Arizona house become such a hangout? It was that way from the very very start. The first week that I even moved in there with Greg, we had people staying there. Out of three and a half years that that place was around, there was a one month period where there wasn't people living in the living room and hanging out all hours. I miss that place though.
Who all lived there over the years? Me, Greg Piloto, Michael Tubbs, Billy, Dave, Dylan, Adrianne, Steve Davenport, Bart Jones, Pat Franklin, Kryger, Blevins, Brett Reed, Mat Corwin, Ryan Reyes, and maybe more.
Could you name everyone who has ever spent the night there? No way.
Try? Really?
Yeah. Okay. Me, Greg, Tubbs, Steve Davenport, Bart, Dylan, Adrienne, Brett Reed, Wes Baker, Corwin, Spudboy, kryger, blevins, ryan reyes, billy, zak arctander, steve fauser, ari shiffrin, myagi, delaney, lauren almeter, bucky miller, buzzy sullivan, charlie stanly, jamie larson, nick, zoe pope, eric shollen, erst boys 2 and 3, punchy, ted, cameron harper, preston harper???, tyler harl, mat price, scott gall, finnin, rachel lee cook, rachel (my sister), rachel(tubb's sister), justin ward, mike ward, andy ward, random bar girls(with tubbs, not me)((haha)), chris corville, patience, kevinly, cody bear, chucky, garret, ultra jessica, ben smith, brad rogers, tom gallager, chris fetter, ashley, serwaa, tory spears, tommy hay, tony labarbera, pvb, steve perdue, pob, gorty's deli, andrew elliot, bindi man, tj larsen, alex v, adam conway, and on and on and on. I don't think that I could ever remember everyone.

Yeah, that's a lot of people. I wish that I would have made some sort of sign in sheet or something. Or if I was super artsy I could have taken a polaroid of everyone who stayed over and hung em on the wall. I could have impressed so many hipsters if I would have planned better.

Youtube post are too easy.

This is a cool song!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


That last backsmith contest was so much fun that I thought I'd do another. This time it's me vs. my mortal enemy Preston Harper. We're not only rivals in real life, we're also rival bloggers. He's mad at me for breaking his elbow, and I'm mad at him for breaking my heart.


Backsmith results.

Kryger won the Chumpchange backsmith contest! Sorry to those who lost, but the followers have spoken! Kryger is the best.

More art from the park.

Sculptures for days!

Secret messages

Today, Chumpchange's only known hater, Lindsey, and I went to Laumeier Sculpture Park!

It's as if the art was speaking to me... I can't explain it.

Greetings from Portillo's.

Zak responding to an autograph request. He had a similar reaction when I asked him when we'd see a new video from him.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Dj Etz picked me up today and took me into Pretty territory. These guys are really into DingIY!

The Nation is nation wide.

Drew blunts to fakie for humidity.

After we killed the tennis courts... twice. The pretty boys took me to Shitside! More DIY stuff than you can shake a stick at.

They're everywhere!!!!!!

Anti-Graffiti Graffiti, I'm confused.

spot the grammar error.
I like these guys' style. If I could DIY something, it's probably look like this.

We ended our skate day with Drew getting pwned a couple of times.

He suffered double big toe injuries, and it started to rain so we left.

Daily Monkey minute.

JonRob Moore's Chumpchange debut! Having your footage on here is usually the next step after having a mag minute, so JonRob is right on track. Here he is krooking the rail that ate preston so long ago.

Outtakes reel:

Monday, May 25, 2009

St. Louis people do it different!

This pizza was cut with scissors.

This is my buddy, Lindsey's, Chumpchange debut!!!

and she's not going to be happy about it!

Super awesome.

Me in my prime.

swing vote

I don't want this to sway anyone's decision in the polls, but I just thought people would like to see an extreme closeup of Kryger's backsmith! Don't let this affect your vote.


Who has the best Backsmith? Cast your vote.

Is it Yeah Boardshop stockboy, Tom Gallagher?

Known backsmither Steve Fauser?

Wrestling enthusiast Dylan Messer?

Starbucks Barista Brett Reed?

or former H&M model, Michael Kryger?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

This is a make up for my last post!

So I have a bit of an online blog feud going with the amateurs over at Bean and Weese Do America and today it got out of hand at the Vans Demo at Roselle.

Here Brett Reed noseblunts for Chumpchange, but some bootlegger from B&WdA (Wes) tried to film over my shoulder. You can see his hand flash across the screen in an attempt of sabotage, obviously it didn't work, because I got the clip.

When his first attempt at sabotaging my blog failed, he sent in an accomplice to do his dirty work. This would be assassin(dylan) did a much better job than Wes did, but I still got the clip. Damn I'm good.

I was able to fight off my assassins long enough to get this perfect clip of a perfect noseblunt, and then I got to give a healthy FU to the one's who tried to take me out.

Thanks to Brett Reed for landing this noseblunt every single time.

Well, almost every time!

Vans Demo.

pretty exciting.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Rise or Die.

Here is my mom's sponser me tape for Rise.

Yesterday part 2

After Shaumburg plaza we skate Northbrooke park. I'm not a big fan of the park, but the cold wind was fun.

I learned Krook popovers on the big rail. I originally filmed this video exclusively to send to Ari Shiffrin because he's the best at this trick, but I also wanted to show the internet that I can do them.

Chris Courville blasted a phatty bo batty!

Blevins feebled and fiveO'd.

Kryger turned up the sex in the park with this invert attempt.

This video didn't really work because the lights went out, but Steve nosegrinded and someone yelled 'chumpy omega'

And I wanted to end the post with a Chumpchange debut from Tom Gallagher. Here he turns from a regular horse into a beautiful wing-ged Unicorn.

good day overall, but then again, they're all good days.

Yesterdy part 1

"Tim, you lied to me. This is just hard and annoying!" Wes Baker in reference to me telling him that the curved hubba at the Shaumburg skatepark was the funnest (most fun?) thing to skate. Here he is giving it a go.

others tried and failed.



Brett Reed

And finally someone (Dylan) landed it, but not without a little help!

I spotted some rival bloggers trying to get footage for their lame blog! I gave them the ol thumbs down!

Brett freaked out and decided leave the park the hard way!

I stayed after to try to get chumpchanged. I hired a professional filmer for this clip, but he sort of blew it.

Things got messy.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pat Franklin.

I really like Pat Franklin.

Pat Franklin from genebelanger on Vimeo.

Youtube blog blast

Sorry for the Youtube blasts, but I was stuck inside for most of the day with no car so I was youtubing a lot. This is one of my alltime favorite video parts. I love Scott's skating and the song has become one of my favorites!

Ari trick tip.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today I took a walk by the beautiful fox river with an unnamed accomplice.

And went to Roselle and skated with (left to right): Wes Baker, TJ Larsen, Dylan Messer, Brett Reed, Chris Courville, Steve Davenport, and the infamous Burke.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cameron Harper for Arizona Skater of the Year????

Anyone who's seen Cameron Harper around lately knows that he's been on a killing spree! I'd like to think that I caught some rare images of the first stages of his Arizona domination.
Here he is training at his TF in Mesa!

Monday, May 18, 2009

It's not all fun and games.

This post is for anyone who thinks that making a succesful blog is easy. I know that most of the footage that we get on here looks like it's filmed and performed effortlessly, Thanks for the compliment, but it's not all as easy as it looks. Here are some clips from the other day that show the dark side of filming an award winning blog.

I've been stealing from Indiana Tubbs a lot lately.


Day late and a bunch of dollars short.

Okay so I skipped a day of posting... did anyone even notice? Is my blog as important as I think it is? Probably not. Here is a picture of Steve Davenport(see two posts ago) bluntsliding while Matt Blevins films for the upcoming Dry Bones skatepark video. Should be a good one.

I LeoPunchy'd up this hubba in order to get Chumpchanged! Kryger couldn't hang. Just kidding, he could.

Matt Blevins put down the camera for a second and handed it to me....... and I put it down and filmed this front board with my celly.

Blevins and Kevins put my filming to the test.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sorry Indiana Tubbs.

For using your shit.

Rick is one of my all time favorite skaters!

Real footage?

Yeah boardshop owner gets Chumpchanged!

Steve takes us back to the Rough Crowd days with a street plant for Chumpchange!

He also gapped to grinded a quarter pipe and had to get serious at the end

Outtakes, bloopers, and deleted scenes.

Kids That Rip!

Here are some documentations from the place that I "work" in Arizona. We teach children how to kickturn and cry. But sometimes the big boys come and play.

Here's Ronnie Creager mini mega-ing!
Ryan Reyes mega blasting.

Ryan mega blasting and transfer blasting!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Almost a good day.

One day a pretty long time ago, a bunch of us out in Arizona skated a famous spot called "I love beer!" gap. It was a day of almosts.

Pat Franklin almost didn't land this.

Matt Price almost looks like Chet Childress in this clip.

Brett Reed almost made the impossible possible.........almost.

Aric Blatner almost broke his back in half.

Aric Blatner almost landed this one too, but he was distracted by something.

Brett Reed almost made everyone pee their pants by ollieing this gap naked.

I almost think this blog is making me insane.

Bonus Footage!

Here's some bonus footage from our night at Northbrook park! Going up hubbas and rails and whatnot is so hot right now. Steve Davenport knows this and uses this knowledge to LeoPunchy up the steepest hubba at the park.


My sister's friend brought over her kids today.
This is Nico. He looks pretty terrified in this picture, but he wasn't.

Sock eating.

This is her other son, Guy. Jumping down the stairs to impress girls! Sound familiar?

Things got a little wierd.

I think Guy's a little confused about his age, gender, and location!

Pretty Boys!

I was checking my google analytics just now and I couldn't figure out why I had so many views from Missouri yesterday. Then I realized that it's because they gave me a shoutout on the Pretty Skateboards blog! Thanks guys. Maybe now you'll get like 2 more views from Illinois.

Support your local skateshop!

We DIDN'T call it a night afterall!!! First we filmed the first ever Yeah Boardshop commercial. I think it's going to show officially during the next super bowl.

Blooper reel:

Northbrook sucks.

After I resolved my skateboard problems, we had an exciting time at Northbrook Park!!! My favorite Indiana guy (sorry dylan, wes, chris courville, rick, bread, sean, schmoltz, Corwin, Jorr, Tubbs, Weddle, etc etc) came to town! BRETT REED the steed showed up and skated with us.

Matt Blevins was there and got busy on this park line!

We got a couple of triples!

After the park closed we called it a night!

or did we? stay tuned.

Day in the life of my skateboard.

I started my skate day by breaking my board trying to show off for the Roselle locals. Scott didn't take the news very well.

Luckily, I know people in the industry, so I was able to get a new board with little difficulty.

My new griptape is totally down for my blog! (who isn't, right???)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

private insider email leakage

Here is some secret insider director email gossip between me and my friend Buzzy. Buzzy is in Red and I am in Blue.

Hey guys,
So my one real final @ school this term was supposed to be the week before finals week, but unfortunently my instructor only shows up to class when she can fit it in her schedule of sicknesses, so the final has been pushed back to weds the 10th so dunnnnnnnnn dunnnnnnnn I won't be at camp for the first few days.
I am flying out on the evening of the 10th so I will be there on thursday. Sorry for the pains in the asses.
The asses,

thanks for that Buzzy, the panic attack that I had from spring camp just ended like five minutes ago!!!!

Dont worry you will be fine, just remember whenever anybody needs something and your confused, just yell at them and tell them they are idiots. Trust me I've been doing it for 30 years. Never fails.

Putting them on blast!

I'm starting a new feature to my blog. I'm sick of people pulling weak shit and not getting called out for it. So, I'm putting a few fools on blast right now starting with Matt Price, then I'm going to give Ari Shiffrin a piece of my mind, and finally I'm going to tell Myagi what I should have told him a long time ago:

Matt, Who do you think you are showing off your big important job all the time? "Sure Tim, you can stay at my house while I'm in Thailand!" "Sure why don't you just stay in my bed while I'm in Thailand!!!!"Okay showoff, we get it. You have a sweet job. And thanks for reminding me that I'm homeless by offering to let me stay at your house, in your room, while you're away on some fancy trip.

Ari Shiffrin: "Oh, Tim, you started a hilarious blog???? Well I'm going to start two hilarious blogs!" Thanks Ari, I finally find something that I'm really, really, really good at and you have to try to show me up.

Myagi: if that is your real name????!!!!???? Okay Myagi, we get it, you hang out with hot girls at the bar. Thanks for the reminder that I don't.

That's all I have right now. I just thought it was high time that those three dudes get put in their place!!


I was going to save this until my blog really blows up, but it's raining out today so I thought people might like a pick me up!

It's rainy and wet today.

and it reminds me of another wet and rainy-ish day. We were trying to dam up this water so we could skate the ditch, but the forces of nature were too strong and we had to cancel our operation. Brett Reed actually skated the ditch anyway. Bart talked on the phone.