Monday, May 4, 2009

I went to Chicago today.

Matt Blevins and POB were there playing smear the queer on skateboards!

Celeb sighting: Alex Olson was there!

Pat Franklin has beef with Alex Olson so he decided to put on all of the exact same clothes and try a harder trick, see what happens when you mess with skateboarding's "coolest" cool guy!

Matt was the queer during this round, and Pat was trying to smear him!

but mid feeble, Pat got bored of smear the queer and decided to film a mini part at Wilson starting this line.

After a failed first attempt, Pat got back on the horse and stomped this signature Pat Franklin line for the Nagasaki haters to suck on!

Then Pat put a period at the end of our skate day's sentence.

After the park was done with us, we ended the day the only way that I know how: got pizza!

All in all I'd say today was the best day of my entire life hands down!


  1. not even kidding, im sad that i missed out

  2. ari, the gate is open, come on over. with or without the funny glasses.