Thursday, May 28, 2009

Interview with a wierdo.

Where are you from? Geneva, Illinois.
How old are you? 24
What is your favorite color? blues
Favorite animal? I don't know, I haven't figured it out yet. I've been trying to discover my spirit animal, but nothing has come to me yet. When it happens, I'll know.
Why aren't you in college? Because I don't understand paperwork.
What are you going to be when you grow up? Lately I've been thinking about social work. Teaching has always seemed good to me. Something involving kids though, that's for sure. But if I could really live my dreams, I would have my own talk radio show.
What made you start this blog? I'm not sure. Curiosity mostly I guess. It's taken over a good portion of my brain power though. It's scary because I could probably learn a new language or something if I spent as much time on it as I do on this damn blog.
Why did your ads get disabled by google? Oh you heard about that, that's crazy. Well google was monitoring me and then could tell that all the clicks were just Ari clicking them for me so I could make money. It sucks because I was up to like $28 dollars from those ads. Thanks anyway Ari.
So where do you live right now? Nowhere. I'm homeless.
How did your Arizona house become such a hangout? It was that way from the very very start. The first week that I even moved in there with Greg, we had people staying there. Out of three and a half years that that place was around, there was a one month period where there wasn't people living in the living room and hanging out all hours. I miss that place though.
Who all lived there over the years? Me, Greg Piloto, Michael Tubbs, Billy, Dave, Dylan, Adrianne, Steve Davenport, Bart Jones, Pat Franklin, Kryger, Blevins, Brett Reed, Mat Corwin, Ryan Reyes, and maybe more.
Could you name everyone who has ever spent the night there? No way.
Try? Really?
Yeah. Okay. Me, Greg, Tubbs, Steve Davenport, Bart, Dylan, Adrienne, Brett Reed, Wes Baker, Corwin, Spudboy, kryger, blevins, ryan reyes, billy, zak arctander, steve fauser, ari shiffrin, myagi, delaney, lauren almeter, bucky miller, buzzy sullivan, charlie stanly, jamie larson, nick, zoe pope, eric shollen, erst boys 2 and 3, punchy, ted, cameron harper, preston harper???, tyler harl, mat price, scott gall, finnin, rachel lee cook, rachel (my sister), rachel(tubb's sister), justin ward, mike ward, andy ward, random bar girls(with tubbs, not me)((haha)), chris corville, patience, kevinly, cody bear, chucky, garret, ultra jessica, ben smith, brad rogers, tom gallager, chris fetter, ashley, serwaa, tory spears, tommy hay, tony labarbera, pvb, steve perdue, pob, gorty's deli, andrew elliot, bindi man, tj larsen, alex v, adam conway, and on and on and on. I don't think that I could ever remember everyone.

Yeah, that's a lot of people. I wish that I would have made some sort of sign in sheet or something. Or if I was super artsy I could have taken a polaroid of everyone who stayed over and hung em on the wall. I could have impressed so many hipsters if I would have planned better.

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