Sunday, May 24, 2009

This is a make up for my last post!

So I have a bit of an online blog feud going with the amateurs over at Bean and Weese Do America and today it got out of hand at the Vans Demo at Roselle.

Here Brett Reed noseblunts for Chumpchange, but some bootlegger from B&WdA (Wes) tried to film over my shoulder. You can see his hand flash across the screen in an attempt of sabotage, obviously it didn't work, because I got the clip.

When his first attempt at sabotaging my blog failed, he sent in an accomplice to do his dirty work. This would be assassin(dylan) did a much better job than Wes did, but I still got the clip. Damn I'm good.

I was able to fight off my assassins long enough to get this perfect clip of a perfect noseblunt, and then I got to give a healthy FU to the one's who tried to take me out.

Thanks to Brett Reed for landing this noseblunt every single time.

Well, almost every time!

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  1. you have another new follower! your gonna ruin me!