Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rick Eusey

Rick is one of my all time favorite skateboarders. I met him out here in Arizona when he was living out here. We're not close friends or anything but I always got psyched when he'd be at the park or when I'd run into him out on the streets. He skates with power and everything he does looks amazing. He's also really good at all the tricks that I love to see. As a person he's super nice and down to earth. He looks kinda gnarly from a distance but he's as nice and friendly as anyone could be.

Rick's blog

Name: Richard Allen Eusey

Top 3 favorite cities: Indianapolis, Phoenix, SF

Top 3 skateboarders: Geoff Rowley, Corey Duffel, Danny Way

Top 3 skateboarders that you know personally: Lee Bender, GOON, live Fauser

When was your prime? These are the days, they always have been...

5 good bands: The Downtown Struts, The Non-Believers, The Burnt Ones, The Booze, Jay Reatard (RIP)

5 good songs: Be Stiff- Devo, We are the Road Crew- Motorhead, Don't Let Go- The Barracudas, Bonzo Goes To Bitburg (My Brain is Hanging Upside Down)- The Ramones, Boy Trouble- The Rev-Lons

5 tricks that you can’t do: The 900, one wheeled manual, riding handstand, Invert, Primo grind

Spirit animal: Lone Wolf

5 good books: 1984, On the Road, Tales of a Punk Rock Nothing, Motley Crue: The Dirt, Cruddy

What’s the worst? Cigarettes, paying to kill myself faster pretty much is the worst.

What’s the best? Traveling, the road is endless and full of a never ending list of things to experience.

3 good non skateboarders: My mother, my father, Lemmy

What do you like to do outside of skateboarding? Traveling, riding and working on motorcycles, learning something new and applying that new skill to something in my life, find new music and share it with others, partying and getting loaded.

What is your prized possession? My mind, my hands and my friends.

What will end the world? Greed.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Hand update:

So I have a staph infection on my hand. But before I knew that I watched this kid skate outside while he waited for a bus. I thought I could get a cool picture of the Urgent Care sign backwards while he did a trick, I didn't pull it off.

So what happened was, I went to the Urgent Care to get my hand looked at. I was told that I had a Staph infection and that it was/could be bad news. So the doctor cut a inch long gash in my hand and for the next half an hour squeezed out about a barrel full of pus and blood. The best part, after the bloodletting, was when he had to empty the pus out of my finger tip on my ring finger. He said it'd hurt more to numb it than to just stick the needle in and squeeze the pus out. I told him to do what he needed to do and as soon as he did what he needed to do, I became more dizzy than I ever had in my life. The next thing I know, I'm covered in sweat, staring at a stranger and I don't know where I am or what is happening. I can't begin to explain the feeling. I have never had this feeling before, but I literally had no idea who the man sitting in front of me was, I had no idea where I was or what was going on. I can't get over it. It was by far the most surreal feeling that I've ever felt of looking at this man in front of me and not knowing at all who he was or what was going on around me. Hard to describe I guess, unless you've had that feeling yourself at some point. Anyway, so I guess I'm okay now. I have to take antibiotics and they gave me pain pills for the cut on my hand. So if anyone wants to party, you know where to find me!!!!

spider rama drama


Watched some dudes shred a good pool. I kicked around in the shallow end a little, but I didn't get my hair wet. I like the sun rays in this picture. I was bummed on them at first but now I like them.
Stay Gold premiere

All done.

A week in southern california.

So camp ended a week ago. I'm back in Arizona now after a week-long decompression session in Santa Ana. Here are some cell phone pictures from the week. I'm too lazy right now to put them in order so it's sorta just mixed, but I'm sure no one cares.

Beauty is high priority in California. So face cleansing masks are essential
When I first got to Santa Ana from camp, some of my Indiana/Arizona friends were there. Front to back it's Preston, Brad, Zwissler(spellcheck), Dylan, Bigs, Rogers, and Kryger. Who gives a shit.
Chris Fetter getting down on some Santa Monica DIY crap.
This dude was overdressed for Chipotle
Kryger handboarding
Now he's a filmer
oh wait I am too
I DIY too
This was going to be a poster for Stay Old, but the video already came out before we shot the poster. Duh.
Me filming again... sorry for the out of orderness
Pete Sutfin tailslides
while some other guy rolls j's
skate tourism

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chris Fetter

Chris Fetter is an interesting bird. He's an old man trapped in an almost middle aged man's body. He's 29 now, but he's been in his upper 50's as long as I've known him. I never heard him mention traveling once and then all of this sudden he decided that he's going to go backpacking through every country on the globe. This picture below is of him walking through the door after a 3 month trip hiking around South America. He's a rad dude with amazing style on a skateboard. He ollies out of his smith grinds on transition. He takes awesome photographs (I think) and he's an overall fun dude to be around.

This is my first live interview. Everything in quotation marks are things he said in the process of answering the questions. It wasn't easy, but we got it done. Chris also provided some of the photos for his interview. See some more of his adventures here and here.

Name: ole man skipper

Top 3 favorite cities: chi town, san fransisco, (long sigh) (gets up to look at US map) Barcelona

Top 3 skateboarders: "I'm gonna throw Matt Rodriguez in there" "Max Shaaf" "Jesse Erickson"

Top 3 skateboarders that you know personally: "okay one, two, and three: Tim Michael Ward..... is that your middle name?"

When was your prime? "It's comin"

5 good bands/songs: "The Christophers: entire discography, HiM(not the BAM HIM):the lila, Autechre: corc, Boards of Canada: kid for today, Don Caballero: June is Finally Here, Devo: Be Stiff, Frank Zappa: Peaches en Regaila, Tortoise: Suspension Bridge at Iguazu Falls, Moon Dog: Sextet(Oo), Tommy Guerrero: Little Chin, Grateful Dead: Friend of the Devil

5 tricks that you can’t do: "You should pretty much know these!" "trebomb, although this year is the year. it's the summer of fetter I always say." "boardslides down handrails, aka broken leg!" "There's a boatload of tricks I don't do, but you're never to old to learn them. I gotta step it up. Do something of get the fuck off the stage"

Spirit animal: "buho(pronounced 'boo-ho').......... owl."

5 good books: "you wanna know a good swear word in chilean spanish: XuXa(pronounced 'shoo-shah')" "Desert Solitude by Edward Abby, My First Summer in the Sierras by John Muir, Post Office by Charles Bukowski, Siddhartha by Herman Hesse, Trees by Ansel Adams"

What’s the worst? "Infection like gangrene. I'm scared of that."

What’s the best? "ready for this one? the smell of a conifer forest after a rain"

3 good non skateboarders: "tom gallagher. let's leave it like that"

What do you like to do outside of skateboarding? "ah you know: travel, take a few photos here and there"

What is your prized possession? "I gotta shit. We're gonna have to put a hold on this one" (comes back later) "wait I got one for this...............................(long pause)...............................yeah dude you know what, I have things that I like, but I'm trying to get rid of all my possessions you know." "I guess I haven't parted with my Honeywell Pentax camera that my dad gave me. It's problematic"

What will end the world? "That's one of your questions?" "Religion maybe... that'll probably do it."

The world is getting smaller

I went to a skatepark in LA today and saw a bunch of Woodward campers.

The happiest kid that I've ever come across, Lui!
I felt like a jerk because I didn't remember this kid. I already forgot his name.....again.
I watched this kid huck himself down an 8 stair at 10 in the morning while wearing his PJ's when he was a camper.
This kid was super nice, good skater too. Davis

Monday, August 23, 2010


It's here! This is it. My retirement part.

Stay Old

Stay Old is coming. I promise.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sent to me by: everyone!

From Steve D:

Vans Pizza
Roselle flooded
Steve Davenport's board quiver
Yeah boardshop is looking good
Dgaph Tom skating Chicagoside
Buster Bear and Sally Vitello watching Devo with Steve D
new born baby from Lindsey
Muska spots from Chris Fetter

Corrina from Ari

Ari peeping Chumpchange at work

Preston all sleeped out
Willy Santos?
Arizona sunset from Lorena
Some flix from Matt Blevins

Justin Beiber's credit card receipt from Rise boardshop from Brett Reed
Camper handoff at Woodward east from Tj

Tj skating from Wes Baker