Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pictures from camp!

Camp is almost over. Here are some pictures of kids that I took this summer.

I was psyched on this kid's shirt because don't dew the dew anymore.

This praying mantis jumped off his board and onto my shirt. I freaked out, panicked and begged an 8 year old kid named Giles to pull it off of me. Embarrassing.
Gangsta Hamster
Daniel inside a box
Here's Daniel outside of the box. This kid was one of the zaniest kids I've come across here at camp. Straight out of a cartoon.
This kid was trying to suck up to me during the goofy trick into the foam pit contest. He didn't win, but he did walk around with a dudes name written on him with permanent marker all day.
This kid knows funny

Here's some pictures that I didn't take:

This is us announcing contest winners from Jim Thiebaud's twitter
kids waiting to see if they were one of the campers of the week from Jim's twitter
Me taking a picture of another one of the silliest kids I've met. Taken from Steve Bigelow's blog


  1. good lookin kids. there may be hope for our future. Did you see the Woodward plug in the new edit on Skilly?

  2. Yeah I did. Thanks for the plug. The phones have been ringing off the hook ever since. tee hee