Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Preston Harper

Preston Harper is a goofball. He's an amazing skateboarder and his body is made of rubberbands. Not his elbow though, his elbow is made of metal and scar tissue. So I guess that makes him part man/part machine/part scar. He's been accused of being a robot set to 'happy' which I guess would be the best type of robot to have around. Preston just ditched out on Arizona to spend the winter in California. But if we try really hard, we might be able to get him to come back to Arizona this winter....

Name: preston harper

Top 3 favorite cities: san francisco,chicago,philadelphia

Top 3 skateboarders:
ed templeton, arto saari, brian anderson

Top 3 skateboarders that you know personally:
andrew mccarthy, ryan lay, tyler harl

When was your prime?
i peaked in hammy

5 good bands:
hanson, icp, sugar ray, jack johnson, shark bait

5 good songs:
devo- gut feeling, blink 182- damnit, joy division- ceremony, no age- brain burner, vivian girls- i have no fun

5 tricks that you can’t do:
the wheel well grind that john west does in... i think duty now for the future, front blunt on quarter pipes, frontside 5-0 on rails, switch backside lipslide, ollie the wedge.

Spirit animal:
spirit fingers!

5 good books:
i think I've only read read 4 books in my whole life. bailey school kids, a tony hawk book, 1984 and the hatchet. the hatchet was my favorite.

What’s the worst?
elbow pads.

What’s the best?

3 good non skateboarders?
cameron harper... hahahaha jk brough! ace ventura, flapjack, and spongebob squarepants

What do you like to do outside of skateboarding?
eat, sleep, get pitted, dance, try to out blog tim ward and then TELEVISION! all in that order.

What is your prized possession?
peter vlad

What will end the world?oilcane! have you heard of that shit!?!? all the oil from the gulf gets sucked into a hurricane and then if lightning struck it could just fuggin EXPLODE!

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  1. you should have him submit a drawing of his so called spirit animal