Thursday, July 22, 2010

Clearing off the desktop

with pictures from camp. Sorry to those who don't care.

A cool camper named Zack made an 'ill eagles' board after I initiated him into my gang that I started a few years ago.

Barrier cult
Tyler showing love for Chumpchange

Director of the week trophy! sin
helmet cam
Logan hippy jumping 50 inches while the onlookers look on
somehow this kid reminded me of bart.
Kryger's elbow is fukt
Crazy clouds over camp
Buzzy's not one to be taken out by campers, so he jumped 50 inches as wellbut not first try
he also arm wrestles kids half his size and a third of his age
He's also an amazing bmx demo announcer
this kid is right


  1. This one's a great post. Did you start the 'Ill Eagles'? "don't F"...Mini dude has good hippy jump steeze..When can we expect your submission of helmet cam sponsor tape?

  2. I started the Ill Eagles back at the first Geneva RQ and have been slightly running it ever since. Buzzy can hippy jump more inches than anyone I know. Helmet cam didn't really work out due to how heavy it is... working on a harness though