Sunday, August 1, 2010


was one of the days that make you remember why skateboarding is so fun. I drove 3 hours down from Woodward to this spot in LA to meet up with some Arizona and Santa Ana homies.

a little skate tourism
a little more skate tourism
Brian Anderson was there

Cameron got his autograph (out of spite for the fact that his younger brother, Preston, also has a hat signed by Brian Anderson)
After skating we ate....
and after eating we skated again.
The silly cell phone picture won't show it, but yesterday was a good time and it's days like that that remind me that skateboarding is and always will be the best thing I've got going.


  1. It looks like that day may have been the greatest day ever?! Chilling with BA, AZ Crew, & Manatee Locs...famous spots and famous people...lucky man you are chumpy.

  2. Good to see you timmy and still off the sauce!
    Wish meatlocker and the boy could have been der.