Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chris Fetter

Chris Fetter is an interesting bird. He's an old man trapped in an almost middle aged man's body. He's 29 now, but he's been in his upper 50's as long as I've known him. I never heard him mention traveling once and then all of this sudden he decided that he's going to go backpacking through every country on the globe. This picture below is of him walking through the door after a 3 month trip hiking around South America. He's a rad dude with amazing style on a skateboard. He ollies out of his smith grinds on transition. He takes awesome photographs (I think) and he's an overall fun dude to be around.

This is my first live interview. Everything in quotation marks are things he said in the process of answering the questions. It wasn't easy, but we got it done. Chris also provided some of the photos for his interview. See some more of his adventures here and here.

Name: ole man skipper

Top 3 favorite cities: chi town, san fransisco, (long sigh) (gets up to look at US map) Barcelona

Top 3 skateboarders: "I'm gonna throw Matt Rodriguez in there" "Max Shaaf" "Jesse Erickson"

Top 3 skateboarders that you know personally: "okay one, two, and three: Tim Michael Ward..... is that your middle name?"

When was your prime? "It's comin"

5 good bands/songs: "The Christophers: entire discography, HiM(not the BAM HIM):the lila, Autechre: corc, Boards of Canada: kid for today, Don Caballero: June is Finally Here, Devo: Be Stiff, Frank Zappa: Peaches en Regaila, Tortoise: Suspension Bridge at Iguazu Falls, Moon Dog: Sextet(Oo), Tommy Guerrero: Little Chin, Grateful Dead: Friend of the Devil

5 tricks that you can’t do: "You should pretty much know these!" "trebomb, although this year is the year. it's the summer of fetter I always say." "boardslides down handrails, aka broken leg!" "There's a boatload of tricks I don't do, but you're never to old to learn them. I gotta step it up. Do something of get the fuck off the stage"

Spirit animal: "buho(pronounced 'boo-ho').......... owl."

5 good books: "you wanna know a good swear word in chilean spanish: XuXa(pronounced 'shoo-shah')" "Desert Solitude by Edward Abby, My First Summer in the Sierras by John Muir, Post Office by Charles Bukowski, Siddhartha by Herman Hesse, Trees by Ansel Adams"

What’s the worst? "Infection like gangrene. I'm scared of that."

What’s the best? "ready for this one? the smell of a conifer forest after a rain"

3 good non skateboarders: "tom gallagher. let's leave it like that"

What do you like to do outside of skateboarding? "ah you know: travel, take a few photos here and there"

What is your prized possession? "I gotta shit. We're gonna have to put a hold on this one" (comes back later) "wait I got one for this...............................(long pause)...............................yeah dude you know what, I have things that I like, but I'm trying to get rid of all my possessions you know." "I guess I haven't parted with my Honeywell Pentax camera that my dad gave me. It's problematic"

What will end the world? "That's one of your questions?" "Religion maybe... that'll probably do it."


  1. Yes! Happy to hear Chris is going for it, I always wondered what he's been up to.

  2. you really captured him in this one

  3. I'll say Chris hasn't turned me on like this in years...

  4. what the fuck? i skate

  5. Anonymous is Tom Gallagher, and he does skate, but Fetter forgot for a minute