Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hidesada Maeda

I don't know this Hide(pronounced: hid-e) all that well, but the short amount of time I've spent with him has been of high quality. He's a quiet, humble man with amazing skateboarding style. I hear he has somewhat of a deathwish, but I've never really seen that side of things. All I know is that I like watching him skate and he's been fun to hang out with.

Name:Hidesada Maeda

Top 3 favorite cities:
Chicago, ... never been anywhere else for more than a day

Top 3 skateboarders:
austin stephens, danny garcia, geoff rowley

Top 3 skateboarders that you know personally: perdue, pob, kryger

When was your prime? 21 years ago

5 good bands: downtown struts, booze, motorhead, creedence, led zeppelin

5 good songs: midnight special, the dead line, gypsy, hummingbird, lenny

5 tricks that you can’t do: front tails, trannysitioning, backside noseslide, ollies, skateboarding

Spirit animal: a puppy

5 good books: you can't win,

What’s the worst? this ankle injury that won't heal.

What’s the best? mexican food

3 good non skateboarders: , beavis, butthead

What do you like to do outside of skateboarding? eat burritos

What is your prized possession? friendship?

What will end the world? people