Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ernie Torres

I met Ernie about three years ago when he first moved to Phoenix. Our mutual friend Greg introduced us and then pretty much left town right after, and Ernie didn't really know too many people in Phoenix so we started skating together. Despite the 115 degree days, Ernie and I would go skate parks all day. Ernie's a funny dude. From a distance, he seems super cocky and competitive but it's all a joke. The funny part of the joke, to me, is that he can actually back up his joke cockines because he's amazing at skateboarding. I've always thought that was super funny. I haven't talked with him much since he left Phoenix but when I do run into him we always have a good time. Ernie helped me out a lot when he lived in Phoenix and he was super fun to skate with. I was better at skateboarding when I used to hang with him.

Name:Ernesto Torres

Top 3 favorite cities:Denver,Kansas city,and Atlanta

Top 3 skateboarders:Geoff rowley,Heath kirchart,Eric koston

Top 3 skateboarders that you know personally:Sean Malto,Kenny Anderson,Tony Trujillo

When was your prime?13 or 14

5 good bands:wicked lady,may blitz,iron claw,UFO,and Jerusalem

5 good songs:half a brick,you ain't north Memphis,I smoke kush,bury me a G,and early bird by brisco

5 tricks that you can’t do:hardflips,any kind of pressure flips,sw Bigspin flip,triple flip,and can't fs air

Spirit animal:liger

5 good books:Chelsea Chelsea bang bang,are you there vodka? It's me Chelsea.,the millionaire next door,dictionary,and my autobiography "post production"!

What’s the worst?cock teasers

What’s the best?live fast skate faster

3 good non skateboarders:Kevin Durante ,rajon rondo,and Larry david

What do you like to do outside of skateboarding?get faded and x-rated,and play basketball for days

What is your prized possession?going on my bike trips with my buds

What will end the world?me dying

Switch flip

switch nose manny fakie flip out

it's too bad that this footage is so dark because the trick is amazing

nollie flip nose manny.

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  1. Tim this is Roger again. Hey man I hope everything is going good for you, your blog and everyone at Woodward. But I was wondering if you could give me Buzzy's email address so I can mail him the questions for a Cody Mac interview. Jim (real owner) said that it's possible he could answer the questions and that it could be on Thrasher if Jim gets the questions. So yeah try and help me out and if you don't have it that's fine, so talk to you later Roger.