Monday, August 30, 2010

A week in southern california.

So camp ended a week ago. I'm back in Arizona now after a week-long decompression session in Santa Ana. Here are some cell phone pictures from the week. I'm too lazy right now to put them in order so it's sorta just mixed, but I'm sure no one cares.

Beauty is high priority in California. So face cleansing masks are essential
When I first got to Santa Ana from camp, some of my Indiana/Arizona friends were there. Front to back it's Preston, Brad, Zwissler(spellcheck), Dylan, Bigs, Rogers, and Kryger. Who gives a shit.
Chris Fetter getting down on some Santa Monica DIY crap.
This dude was overdressed for Chipotle
Kryger handboarding
Now he's a filmer
oh wait I am too
I DIY too
This was going to be a poster for Stay Old, but the video already came out before we shot the poster. Duh.
Me filming again... sorry for the out of orderness
Pete Sutfin tailslides
while some other guy rolls j's
skate tourism


  1. Decompression...

  2. that diy place looks really fun. and that overdressed man looks like ben?