Friday, March 13, 2009

Spot Check: The foundation spot by my house.

There is an abandoned slab down the street from my house that we've been skating for a few months. It used to be an obnoxious bar called Acme or something stupid like that. I used to skate past there and drunk idiots would yell stuff at me almost every time. Now I'm skating all over their stupid bar while they're forced to get drunk somewhere else and yell 'SKATE OR DIE FAGGOT' to someone else. Now people just yell things when they drive by. Real original. Anyways, the spot has two things to skate. A manual pad and a pole jam. Actually, right now there are two pole jams. One is metal and the other is plastic, for beginners. This is Steve Perdue and Tj Larsen trying to work out some of the kinks.

The manual pad is really fun and hecka smooth on top. The landing goes from rough to really rough once you ride off the curb, but I usually don't make it that far, so I just skate the smooth part. Pat O'Brian has no problem navigating his way across the smooth and into the rough.

Sometimes I drive by there and see Ronnie Creager skating. One time I pulled up in my car and saw Andrew Cannon do a fakie flip to fakie manuel on the manny pad section. It was amazing. I also have driven by a bunch of times and seen Ghetto D and other BossBallin dudes skating there. They probably do really good stuff there and don't think anything of it. Everytime I've been there, about 50-60 pretty girls walk or ride by on a bike. It can be distracting or motivating depending on how you look at it. More often than not they keep their eyes forward or their heads down to keep the skateboarders from hooting and hollering, but sometimes you get a nice smile. I don't. But I do skate the beginner's pole jam.

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