Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hiatus over!

You thought I was done?!!!? Hell no! I just took a few days off. I'm back to posting daily monkeys. And If any of you punks have any questions about why I have 13 followers(and that's just people who follow publicly), don't ask me, Check da blog archive fool! I took a few days off but now I'm back. I hope you got some good hangman in!

Ari says the key to having the dopest blog is updating always... So here I am!!!!

My first post comin back from my two day hiatus is about losing a brother. Brett Reed is leaving us very soon to head back to Indiana. I don't know what else to say about it other than it's sad. Brett is amazing. He has silently and with all modesty possible proven himself to be one of the more talented skateboarders that I know. I have loved having him staying in my living room for the second winter in a row and if it's in my power to do it again, I'll hope for a third. I would tell you to say Hello if you ever come across Brett, but chances are he's already said hi to you first. And if you're a girl, than he's definitely already talked to you by now and probably has your number!

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