Tuesday, March 3, 2009

bye bye Ry Ry

Saying goodbye isn't easy, and tomorrow we'll be losing a good soldier in the war against all things serious. Ryan Reyes has been living underneath the stairs in my apartment since December 08 and tomorrow he heads back to his homeland of Costa Mesa. We'll be sad to see him go for sure. Over the past few months he's brought a lot of laughs to our home and kept a youthful fun vibe going day and night. I feel like I'm losing a little brother. It's a shame, but at least now I can finally take the cotton balls out of my nostrils.


  1. i am sad all the way over here for ya. i know how hard it is to have good friends, regardless their ages....now you can begin to plan the escape

  2. i didn't ever know ryan, but i did know he lived under the stairs...