Saturday, March 21, 2009

Greetings from San Francisco.

All you word haters are going to pretty bummed on me for the next week of bogs. I have my phone, which is where most of my pictures come from, but I don't think I'll be uploading pictures onto the blog while I'm here. I'll do them when I get home. I got to SF yesterday morning at about 8:30am and had to wait about an hour or so for my sister's flight to get in. It was cool, I spend ten dollars on some really shitty subway at the airport. Then I met up with my sister and took a taxi to my brother's place, which is super nice. He pays like $7,000 a month. Just kidding. His place is really cool, lots of windows and doors. There is a trolley car that goes by just outside so you get the feel of the urban-ness of his San Fransisco-ness.
Yesterday we just walked all over and check shit out. My sister has never been here so everything is all new to her. She's actually never even been to California so she's getting a good first impression. We walked all day yesterday and then I came home and slept from about 8:30pm until about 9:00 this morning. I hope you enjoyed my words PRESTON and ZOE!


  1. i read this one!

    ps- sorry i almost made you miss your flight

  2. how dare you. i only read picture books and tv guides.

  3. I found him.... or he found me I should say.

  4. Zoe & Preston????? What am I chopped liver????