Thursday, March 19, 2009

Daily monkey!

This is going to take some explaining, so try to stay with me. My good friend and local rave sensation Tyler Harl has a funny way of looking at things. I don't know if it's all the E getting to him or if he just has a different view of the world through his four wonderful eyes, but he has a way of reading things his own way. He also has a hard time changing things once they're placed firmly into his brain, even when they're wrong and he knows it. He is the reason why Ari's mustache themed blog is now called Mustacheme (pronounced musta-sheem) instead of it's original title (pronounce mustache me)! He pronounces Michael Kryger's name (correctly pronounced Kree-ger)incorrectly almost constantly, calling him Cry-ger. That's just a couple of examples of this Tyler Harl character's twisted, E induced view of the world.

If you are a fan of my blog, like myself, and you read all the posts carefully and constantly, like I do, then you would have seen my post from two days ago in which I explain that my short hiatus was over and I was back on the scene. I believe that what I said exactly was..."I just took a few days off. I'm back to posting daily monkeys." I don't know if this was as obvious as I though it was, but I was calling all of you bonejobs reading this swill Monkeys. You are the monkeys. But Tyler Harl, using his unique world view, thought that I was saying that my daily posts were called 'daily monkeys!' So after all that explaining, I hope you monkey heads can figure out how funny that is. He has inspired the changing of one blogs name entirely and now he's single handedly and quadruple eyed-edly changed some of the content on my own blog! So without further adooooo, I'd like to present my newest feature of the overly popular Chumpchange blog, my first Daily Monkey featuring Tyler Harl himself. This was filmed during a half hour break between raves yesterday. Harl had a pound of E in his system and I think that he was just trying to tell me something and these sounds came out!!!! This is the most I've ever typed in my life. I'm tired now.


  1. mr. buttons does sound like a monkey name.

  2. oh no, i forgot i was logged in the other name...