Saturday, March 28, 2009

San Fransisco super post!

I returned safely from my trip to San Fransisco. Here is what I saw and did. Enjoy.

This sidewalk doesn't drink, smoke, or fuck.

Not you, Pat Franklin. They're talking about a different Pat.



Crazy roof

Suicide Machine

Lombard street

large mall


A little skate tourism.

I wanted to do something crazy on this trip. I mean, after all, it was spring break. I decided a tattoo would be the perfect way to get reckless and crazy for spring break! So I got blacked out drunk, drove a trolley over to Walgreens to get the gnarliest tattoo that they had, and when I got there I was totally fucking bummed to find out that they don't even sell tattoos at Walgreens. All they sell are these lame ass tattoo starter kits! Best two hundred bucks I ever spent though. SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a picture of my brother's apartment, and another picture of the view from his apartment window. See if you can find 10 differences in these two pictures!

Usually there would be a picture taken out the window of the plane, possibly of the wing, but I opted to give my audience(ari) something different. No one takes a picture of the inside of the plane.

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  1. totally cool. we got a foot of snow and salt everywhere. super hyped up