Friday, March 6, 2009

No reason post.

I have no real reason for posting this picture. I just like it. I think it's one of my favorite pictures that I have of myself. Buzzy took this picture in a subway station in New York City while we on the Playstation boom boom huck jam tour. It was my first and only (so far) trip to New York and I'm glad I have a picture to remember it with. I was giving some money to this little kid to reward him for his breakdancing skills. He was the youngest and least experienced of his little dancing crew, so I'm sure he was psyched to bring in some dough. Hopefully he earned some points with the crew.

In the picture, it looks like I'm visiting some kind of zoo that keeps kids on display. It's not, but that's not a bad idea though.....


  1. someone should put this picture in a black frame and hang it in the middle of a white wall with some polaroids too.

  2. def artsy. thats how buzzy shoots. art flowing from his icy veins.

  3. haha that last comment is funny as hell!!!