Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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Me looking like I'm hiding out or something from Steve D

Me accepting the call from flatbottom from Steve D

Kryger boardsliding with kiddies from Brian Johnson

Snaking is such a big problem at camp this summer, this camper actually had to be removed for excessive snaking. (sorry for the shitty joke, It was actually pretty gnarly watching my boss grab this snake up off of the ground without knowing what type of snake it was or if it was poisonous)

Dog looking at squirrels from Steve D

Andrew Cannon got fucking married.

RyRey is off of soda too. Anyone who knows him knows that he loves Coke just as much as I love Mountain Dew. So here he is sending me pictures and videos of his struggle!

Scott Gall wallride to wallride from Steve D

Rob Walker from Steve D

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