Friday, July 23, 2010

Cleaning off the desktop video edition.

Bart feeble grind for chomp2

Bread boardsliding

Bread feeble grind

Cannon nollie flip in the dark

Handrail heaven session

handrail session Evan did a nosegrind

RyLay nollie boardslide


Kryger 5050 the big hubba

camper lazlo knows

Matt Harvey has a deathwish

alex netzel came to visit arizona and impossibled

RyRey slapping Wes... but why?

Kryger boardsliding the dubla kink

RyLay nollie boardslide

RyRey and RyLay

Scott wallride to wallride sent to me by steve D

RyRey slaps Wes

RyRey warmup ollie

Tyler Goulden backsmith


  1. i laughed, i cried, i was blown away, and i was taken on an epic posting journey through the telephone cam, along with possible double posts from previous posts. You just changed up the blogging game!

  2. "Your not gunna do the hop scotch part?"

    and nezzies imposs was boss.