Thursday, July 8, 2010


If people were drinking rat poison and getting sick, no one would call it normal or have any sympathy for the person. So why do people think it's okay to drink until they're sick and can't hold their own head up?

I've seen the future brother, it is murder.


  1. Tim this is me Roger, I don't know if you remember this but at Woodward last year we were talking about a guy in Sedona named steve serano and you called him shazaam. Well you have to watch the newest Thrasher Hall of Meat. Well I'll see you in a couple of days!! PS links below,com_hwdvideoshare/Itemid,90/lang,en/task,viewvideo/video_id,679/

  2. I used to be the drunk guy. Its sucky seeing all these talented dudes around me become piles of human waste. Poop, that is.