Thursday, July 1, 2010


Real skateboards has put out another board to help with Lee's cause. He is saving up funds to get to Poland to have a potentially helpful procedure done to reduce his symptoms of MS. From what Lee tells me, the procedure isn't done in America because of the billions of dollars that the medical world would lose on medications from MS patients.

Although Lee and I aren't super close, I have had the pleasure of skating, camping, and just hanging out with him over the past few years. He's an inspiring and influential dude and an amazing skateboarder. He helped me out when I first wanted to move to Arizona by suggesting good places for me to live and introducing me to a bunch of awesome people. He helped show me the value of being hospitable to people who moved to Arizona not knowing anyone and also to people who were just passing through. Lee is an amazing person who's been dealt a shitty hand. I hope to see him get his procedure done and get back to a normal life or at least the life he wants. The skateboarding world needs people like Lee in it.

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