Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bobby Marksteiner

Bobby Marksteiner has been a friend of mine for a really long time. I used to skate with him some back in Illinois years ago. We didn't really call each other to skate very much or go out skating together, but he was one of those people that I was always psyched to run into. He moved off to St. Louis quite a while ago and I didn't hear or see anything from him. I could have easily not seen or heard from him again and not thought much of it (no offense Bobby). But one day while a friend of mine was visiting St. Louis I got a text saying 'hey I'm with Bobby Marksteiner.' My first thought was 'who the hell is Bobby Marksteiner' but after a few texts back and forth I realized who he was talking about. Turns out that in all the times I used to see Bobby around and skate with him, I never caught his last name.

Either way, through my other friends' chance encounter with him I got back in touch with Bobby and have kept in touch ever since. I was so hyped to hear that Bobby was still skating a lot and hanging out with a good group of skaters in St. Louis. It's so easy to lose touch with people and then find out that they aren't skating anymore or whatever. So it's been good keeping in touch with someone who's still super excited about skating. Bobby is still so down for skating despite the fact that he's got a big boy job and big boy responsibilities (and despite all of the shit he eats when he skates). It's motivating to me to keep skating and having fun with it even when responsibility comes my way.

Name:Bobby Marksteiner
Top 3 favorite cities: Barcelona, Quebec City, Seattle
Top 3 skateboarders: (Classics) Arto, Templeton, Cairo, (Contemporary choices) Walker Ryan, Mike Wright, Vincent Alverez
Top 3 skateboarders that you know personally: Ploesser, Joe Jackson, Sublette
When was your prime? Now, all that work is finally starting to pay off.
5 good bands: Modest Mouse, Smoking Popes, Violent Femmes, Weezer 1994-2001, Built to Spill
5 good songs: T-Rex Children of the Revolution, Modest Mouse-Stars are projectors, Bowie- Queen Bitch, The Bird and the Bee- any of the Hall and Oates Covers.
5 tricks that you can’t do: Back 360, Big Flip, Kickflips, Front Feeble, Pressure Flip
Spirit animal: Some sort of Unicorn Seahorse.
5 good books: Stephen Colbert's I am America and so can you, Mostly I read manuals, magazines and blogs.
What’s the worst? Being an "adult" and dealing with things like bills and insurance and the responsibility that comes with owning things.
What’s the best? Visiting other countries and cultures.
3 good non skateboarders: My Wife, Patton Oswalt, This dude
What do you like to do outside of skateboarding? Bike riding, Swimming, Taking photos, Traveling with my Wife.
What is your prized possession? I own a piece of Wet Willys.
What will end the world? Palin 2012

Here's Bobby's part in the Pretty video.

Bobby Marksteiner

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