Monday, September 27, 2010

Ted Schmitz

The answer to my last post's question and today's interview are both Ted Schmitz. A lot could be said about Ted. He has a pretty powerful personality. He yells when he laughs. He skates really well, whether he's joking or serious. He's a total Roger, sort of a barney. He keeps strange hours. I don't know what to say about Ted. I like him. Most people do.

Name: Theodore Thomas Schmitz
Top 3 favorite cities: Tempe AZ, P-Town OR, Not Las Vegas.
Top 3 skateboarders: Cards, Keegs, Kenny Anderson and Rowley... I TOOK A 4TH! :)
Top 3 favorite skaters you know personally: Ryan Lay, Preston Harper, You're Friend Ben Smith.
When was your prime? Right before I start to pull the old guy card.
5 good bands: Dead Milkmen, Misfits, Who Doesn't LIke Belle and Sebastian?! The Thermals, Built To Spill, Dare I say SHARK BAIT?! :) I took 6!
5 good songs: I won't say I'm in Love - Hercules Soundtrack, Alpha Rats Nest - The Mountain Goats, If We Can Land A Man On the Moon .... Beulah, For Queen and Country - Anti Nowhere League, My Heart Will Go On - Celine D
5 tricks that you can’t do: SS FS Flip, DOuble Flipz, Dolphin Flipz, Pressure flips with loose trucks, Caballaerials (sp?)
Spirit animal: Sea Turtle/ Sloth mix........ Slurtle.
5 good books: Harry Potter above all. I heard 1984 is cool to say. Animal Farm is also on that same cool list. Agatha Christi Bookz, I have to go to this workshop with Kurt Vonnegut, He's my idle.
What’s the worst? People who skate epic only talking about riding motorcycles. Pessimism
What’s the best? Price and Ryan coming home in 2 weeks. Working On the Brimley Video. Optimism.
3 good non skateboarders: Eric Blair, Akira Kurosawa, Tom Hanks!
What do you like to do outside of skateboarding? Romantic Comedies, Not Fascism, Wit, Good Lunch Conversations.
What is your prized possession? This is where everyone goes Skateboard. Oh wait I forgot it's not cool to openly say skating is you're favorite thing. So I'm gonna go with..... My old Harley that I took apart and rebuilt just for fun. I also switched the fenders with a 76 honda but you can't really tell cause I shaved the caps down.
What will end the world? Fascism. Pessimism. Humans & The Sun. The Squarics <---- see what I did there?

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