Monday, September 6, 2010

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Scott Gall has a message to send!
Shin blood from Steve D
Steve D just hooked himself up properly.
I love the random tv screen shot pictures that I get from Steve
Danny Way threw in a few steroids in this box from Steve D
Dgaph Tom between slams from Steve D
Large M&M from Lorena. That thing is like 200 times the size of her.
Chickens from Lorena. These guys are only like twice as big as her.
Lorena's dog is about 5 times her size.
This palmtree from Lorena is about 10 Lorenas tall.
Ari was the first to break the news that my two favorite skaters had gotten into a fight.
I hate when Ari sends me pictures of my exgirlfriends
thanks for pointing your eyeballs this direction. keep sending me more pictures.

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