Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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I woke up to this picture the other day of my mom holding up a fish that she caught.

Jewelry made from my old skateboard from Lindsay Holmes.
Steve Perdue Yeah ad on the Berrics from Lorena.
I love the screen shots. From Tj Larson
Sneak peak at some Chris Fetter photos from guess who? Chris Fetter
Big old stairs from Chris Fetter. He'd probably clap once if he ollied these stairs.
When Ari told me he was moving in with Vlad, I didn't really expect that he meant he was moving in moving in!
Weird things on the TV from Ari
This is a wierd one. Ari sent me this a few days after this nap was taken, just to add to the wierdness I think.
Ari luh dat shit.
Ari sent me this and then didn't invite me to go skate afterwards.
The next five pictures are from Steve D.
Chumpchange/Yeah add on the Berrics. I hope no gay-haters saw it.
SAG and POB from Steve D. I want a three letter nickname.
CJ being little and stylish as always
Steezy pushing
This bird met it's end by slamming into the window at Yeah boardshop. Sorry buddy.


  1. this is my favorite feature on this website.

  2. I wish I knew who you were Anonymous.