Sunday, September 12, 2010

Matt Blevins

Matt Blevins is one of my favorite people. He's funny, witty, and good looking. He's good at skateboarding, good at guitar, amazing at filming and making skate videos, and who knows what else. He has a serious amount of potential stored in his tiny frame. He has the diet of a 7 year old (like me). He wants me to add that when he's busy doing nothing he rides motorcycles and hooks up with all kinds of chicks. He's one of my favorite people and I wish that he would get off his ass, and his computer, and move to Arizona so we could spend hours talking about how lame skateboarding is.

Name: Matthew John Blevins.
Top 3 favorite cities: Roselle park. my bedroom. Yeah Boardshop.
Top 3 skateboarders: i liked rick mccrank, arto, and rowley when i was younger and they are still some of my favorites. right now i like the way grant taylor, javier mendizabal and pontus alv skate. kenny and brian anderson get better with age. i want to see that leo romero stay gold part.
Top 3 skateboarders that you know personally: Dry Bones Nation/Good ole boys. Everyone i've met in arizona is good. you know who you are…this is me telling you that you're good.
When was your prime? right before i started answering these questions. that's all over with now.
5 good bands: right now im listening to: townes van zandt, john prine, the band, van morrison. waylon jennings.
5 good songs: at the moment…"sleeping" by the band. "to live is to fly" by townes van zandt. "In a Town this size" by john prine. "rainy day woman" by waylon jennings. astral weeks album by van morrison. "always be my baby" by mariah carey.
5 tricks that you can’t do: any 5 tricks that involve your hands, and most of the ones with just your feet.
Spirit animal: Blevins means Wolf Cub. i guess i could be a childish lone wolf type. tim ward is my wolf mother though.
5 good books: i think the last one i read was the levon helm autobiography about the band. i'm too easily distracted to finish a book these days.
What’s the worst? taking life too seriously. a downward spiral of negativity into a pit of despair.
What’s the best? not being serious. floating through life like a feather flying around in the breeze, kinda like the feather at the end of forrest gump…oh my god i just got it.
3 good non skateboarders: comedians. musicians. whoever makes me want to laugh and dance. don't ask me to dance the next time i see you, whoever is reading this. i'm a private dancer. a dancer for money.
What do you like to do outside of skateboarding? play guitar. Eat unhealthy food. watch movies. lollygag.
What is your prized possession? the ability to consciously ignore everything. it doesn't work a lot of the time.
What will end the world? probably dying of heart disease after eating too many hot dogs for one lifetime. that's when my world ends.

I'm not sure what this is.

Matt has some of the best tricks in this part!