Thursday, November 11, 2010

Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson might be one of my favorite people. I met him a few years ago when he was just a friend of Brett Reed's that was going to come out and live in Arizona for a while. All I had heard about him was that he was good at doing/teaching front blunts on quarter pipes(still hasn't taught me shit). I like Phil because he makes you feel, in a matter of days, like you've known him for years. I also feel like he really wants to get to know people by asking lots of questions, and he's not just making useless conversation. What else can I say. He falls a lot while skating, which sucks but is also awesome too. It makes me not feel so bad about falling when I'm with him.

Phil's photos here and here

philthy phil jackson
Top 3 favorite cities: First of all I got to rep Philly WHAT WHAT SON! EAST COAST SON! Secondly i’m gonna say SF but i never lived there so maybe I just like it from visiting. Lastly I will say Brussels Belgium, kinda feel like a kook callin out overseas but i had a great time when I was there. It was “day without cars” and we bombed hills all day with no traffic. Shitty pizza but you know, can’t have everything.
Top 3 skateboarders: These are hard questions Tim. Plus some of the people I would want to mention I do plan on meeting some day and it would be weird if they knew I had said that, right? I’m insecure. I mostly like the anti hero guys, Cardiel Stranger and Hewitt, there I said it.
Top 3 skateboarders that you know personally: Davis “Campbell” Campbell, Delaware Josh Marcinnamon, Andrew “Jersey Drew” McLaughlin aka Drowsy Jew* *note, drew is not jewish, not that it’s a bad thing, my mom’s jewish, so that makes me jewish too ya know, its just a nickname anyway
When was your prime? in a couple of years bro, i’m still climbin the ladder
5 good bands: Devo, the Dead Milkmen, RUN DMC, the Clancy Brothers and lately I been spinning some of that independent rock music you keep hearing about, but I won’t say which ones, again, I’m insecure and I think you might be judging me.
5 good songs: Reel Ten by the Plugz, this was in the movie Repo Man which if you haven’t seen it you really have to. John Wayne was a fag, no he wasn’t, yes he was, I installed 2-way mirrors at his pad in Brentwood and he come to the door in a dress! That’s a quote from the movie, but you should see it anyway. Reel 10 is a great track bro trust me bro. Outdoor Miner the long version by Wire, that’s great too. Green fuzz by the Cramps, really I’m just going on my itunes and looking at old mixes I made and picking out tracks, is that bad? Also I want to admit that Tim said he was gonna email me these questions, but he didn’t, so I jumped the gun and took them down from his website myself, is that lame? Don’t care. Back to the last two songs --- Elvis “mystery train” and the Beach Boys “Girl don’t tell me”. This song was covered by the Vivian girls and I think they did a bad job compared to the beauty of Carl Wilson’s voice. The songs that Carl sings are always great. Also want to say any Clash song where mick jones sings the lead, those are always great.
Spirit animal: small-mouthed bass, i heard they freak brad westcott out
5 good books: danny lyon’s Knave of Hearts, Jim Goldberg’s Raised by Wolves, that one Philip Lorca DiCorcia book with the yellow cover, Bill Allard’s “the photographic essay”, and William eggleston’s Guide, that’s the book makes you want to punch the dude in the face because he’s the kind of good you or i will never be. Those are all photo books I should mention, i can’t read so i just look at the pictures. Real talk
What’s the worst? Things that cost money, people who don’t get it
What’s the best? Being away from home with friends, when the weather lets you skate with a flannel on but not get sweaty. You know like 55.
3 good non skateboarders: The Zig, My best friend Dan, and my grampa Bernard.
What do you like to do outside of skateboarding? Oh man this is an easy one, EAT! I love eating, actually, eating with Tim is one of my favorite things to do outside of skateboarding, I like junk food, pizza, burritos, the stuff that makes you fatter. Things made with a lot of butter, then deep fried.
What is your prized possession? Zine collection. Ah that’s bullshit, I don’t prize much.
What will end the world? Greed
**Addendum** Last words: I hope this interview has been fun to read, I took the opportunity to ramble on for as long as I could, hopefully this is the worst of the interviews on the blog, send hate mail to Phil Jackson 818 Addison Street Philadelphia PA 19147

this is a video of Phil and Davis on their most recent visit. Most of the footage is of Phil. Davis got some clips in there though. Guest stars include: RyRey, Punchy, Randy Riv, Vlad, Nick, and Dylan. (i forgot to put dylan in the opening credits of the video((don't be mad dylan))

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