Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Michael Kryger

Michael Kryger. Possibly the worst interview so far on this blog(who cares, no one sees it anymore anyway) We tried to do this interview over facebook chat, but it sorta just fizzled out. Oh well. Kryger doesn't talk much, so why would I expect to interview him. Actually this would have been an amazing opportunity for people to get to know a little bit more about him, but we blew it. He's amazing at skating. I got to spend about 3 months straight with him and it was awesome. Everyone who knows him loves him. When I met him a few years ago, he drank a 2liter of mountain dew per day. This intro is about as silly as the interview. Sorry everyone. go here to see some of his blogging.

kryger: when r we gonna finna this interview

me:Dude I haven't asked you any questions yet

kryger:i know. i just wanna get it over with. im nervous.haha

me:But you don't like the questions I asked

kryger:tell the people what they wanna hear



me:Just answer the questions. add/subtract go on tangents. get crazy


me:drop Nbombs

kryger:haha. maybe i'll work to my advantage? probably not


Kryger:haha ask me the questions right naw. facebook interview

me:top 3 cities/places?

Kryger: roselle skatepark, tempe, andddddddd sheeeet idk, im gonna say san fran

me:Do you want any feedback from me?

kryger: yeah, lots. lets make it a convo

me:everyone, including me, say san fran

kryger: well becuase its awesome

me:top 3 skateboarders? not ones you know. cuz that's the next question

kryger: alright Kenny reed, Heath kirchart, and mike anderson

me:top 3 that you know personally?

kryger: there's wayyyy to many

me:name em all, You can do more than 3

Kryger: in no order:Punchy,kevin erst, my baby boi melone. i can think of some moreeee,lemme think for a second. oh ma gawd how could i forget Matt blevins anddddd Kevinly. I love everybody so it makes this hard

me:Ready for the next one?

Kryger: yeahhh

me:When was your prime?

kryger: im not gonna lie. ive never been gewd. i never land things. Today. i dont apply

me:5 good bands

kryger: can you link them to my facebook page? its all there

me:all the info you mean?

kryger:haha a bulk of the series.....if you know what i mean

me:Your answer can be "fuck off"

Kryger: that sounds like it'll work

me:So is that your answer to the bands question?

kryger: yeah "fuck off"

but make sure they know im jk'in

me:okay. 5 good songs?

kryger: this one could take a while. can i get an IOU

me:That was the point of emailing them

kryger: haha

me:so you could take your time

kryger: can you just right down gypsy by fleetwood mac, cause its the most relevent. oh and immune to emotion, cause you know....

me:5 tricks that you can’t do:

kryger: hardflip....thank gawd

me:what else?

Kryger: hmmmmm. i mean i try a lot of "tricks"

me:and what happens?

kryger: and never land them

me:haha So the only trick you can't do is hardflips

kryger: haha i guess so

me: This is going to take forever. I'm just going to email you the questions. haha

kryger: im not gonna lie, i wont finish it. can this just be the end of the interview?

me:haha sure

kryger: you just copy and paste this

me: if that's all you want the world to know about you

Kryger: maybe we'll do the hard hitting questions another time

another interview

there's alot of uncovered ground

me: so is this it?

kryger: i guess so

Here's some tricks to watch on


  1. BLAST ALERT!!!!

    First off Kryger is on ManhUG, and rips for reals!
    Secondly, homies probably said "FISH ON!" more than anyone on dis blog, having caught some massive Peacock Bass on da Amazon (momentary record holder? you bet cha!!!!)
    Thirdly, dudes got taste in music, you seen his part with Revolution's a Lie, you think that shit was an accident?
    Fourly, the ladies will agree his hair is magic! He's a playa, playa gurl fo' rill!
    Fifthly, and probably the most important, the dude made a drawing of a cowboy with back hair so real you could braid it!