Sunday, November 7, 2010

Concert weekend!

Third Eye Blind on Saturday, Joanna Newsom on Sunday

I only took one picture during the Joanna Newsom concert. But I wish I could have captured every minute of it. She's an angel.

Third Eye Blind, on the other hand, fucking sucks and are hilarious.

The Nation was heavily represented
DLoy crowd surfing
I think this is RyRey crowd surfing....


  1. I wish I could have gone to Joanna! How much more in love with her are you now?

  2. I helped a man today named Tim Woodward. I think he's gunnin' for your summer gig

  3. I'm not in love with Joanna, because she's an angel and I don't believe in angels. She's not real, not of this earth.

    Tim Woodward can get crushed by an anvil, I'll work at woodward until they pry my dead fingers from the hands of my walkie talkie

  4. part of that response didn't make sense