Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just the yooj?

Today was a completely normal average boring day. Just did the same stuff that I always do, like drive around for hours riding along with people looking for pools. Skating 2 good pools and then seeing amazing professional skateboarders play horrible music opening for Bad Brains... just a normal day.

one of the pools we skated

the other pool

while I was kickturning around in the flatbottom feeling like a fish out of water, these two yahoos (brad and phil) were grinding and whatnot.

Then we watched The Goat open for Bad Brains. my concert photography has gotten a lot better, No?

just the usual day in the life

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  1. thats awesome you were allowed to go to the 'secret society' sessions. was it that you were the only one with a car? jkjkjkjkjjkjk