Monday, April 19, 2010

humble beginnings

Here's where it all started. Flatground in front of the house before anything. Hours and hours of flatground. I couldn't get enough of it.

This sewer gap was pretty good. It was like a one stair with the length of a two stair.
I guess we had a philly stair, but when we were little we called it the 'curb-cut' because we had heard that somewhere and we didn't know what it meant.

This one is hard to see but right by the tree the sidewalk is tipped up and it's like a really long launch ramp. You bomb a mini hill to it too and it used to make me feel like I was skating that school in San Diego that has the hillbomb hallways.

This deathdrop right here is sort of a touchy subject with me. I tried to ollie off of it into the street but I landed on the curb and got hurt. The footage of me trying really hard not to cry made it to the video! how embarrassing

This curb was sick because you didn't have to ollie onto it. I probably did my first grinds right there.

gap from the driveway over the grass.

driveway banks.

this is the curb where Ben Smith invented the kickflip b/s 5050 kickflip out

big 2

wooden ledge spot! The neighbor was so mean to us for skating here. My friend Spencer peed on his house as revenge

bump? sorta? we used to pretend we were doing tricks over a pyramid after we would watch 411s

This bench used to be plastic and really tall. Now it's neither

manual pad at the nearby church. praise Jah