Monday, April 26, 2010

6 weeks deep

6 weeks without soda. To be honest I'm surprised at myself. I still have a while until pay day, 46 more weeks to be exact. But if I can go 6 weeks then I could go any amount of weeks. As lame as it sounds, I didn't really have any faith in my own will power before this little escapade. Now I know that it, and everything else that I do, is completely up to me, which is a good feeling.

So far, I've had 5 dreams in which I have had soda absent-mindedly and then freaked out because of it. It's pretty funny that I've actually woken up from dreams with that terrified feeling that I had done something horribly wrong, and then had that crazy relieving feeling that it was just a dream. I've also had some close calls. One night I bought what I thought was a lemonade and was about to drink it when I realized it was an italian soda! Just the other day when I was on the airplane coming back to Arizona from Chicago, I caught myself thinking "I wonder if the stewardess would give me the entire can (of soda)" I quickly realized my laps in thinking. My biggest concern having one of my nightmares come true and just taking a drink of some soda without thinking about it. I feel like if I have a downfall that is it. We'll see. I'll keep the lot of you posted. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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  1. Honestly dude, you should be proud. It means your mind is getting over it and you don't want to disappoint yourself...that's a super good sign. :)

    Can you bet me $630 to lose 50 pounds? Heh.