Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Another day in San Diego

Ari waiting his turn at Memorial skatepark

Ari decided he didn't like the way this kid was looking at him so he started a two man brawl

After the dust settled, Ari was able to get this pivot fakie in the deep end

The park was super crowded though, Ari tried to get the footy and some other dude was trying the same trick!

After the skatepark, we went to a place called the Secret Beach, all those people heard the secret.

The beach itself is straight edge, even though half the people there were using some sort of illegal substance. Why do I keep seeing people do drugs at beaches?
Lindsay, Ari, and Buzzy deciding what drugs they want to do.

Ari took LSD and thought he could fly.

After the San Diego party was over, Ari and I headed back up to Santa Ana to hang out with the White T shirt gang!

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