Monday, August 17, 2009

It's the last week at Woodward for this summer. I can't decide if I'm more nervous or excited about camp being done with. I'm psyched to get back to Arizona and skate and hang out with people back there, but working at camp is such an easy way to live. I don't really care that much, camp is fun and Arizona is fun. Where ever I am is fine with me.

This is some footy and photos (can you really call celly pix 'photos?') from a day away from camp.

This ditch is called 'the virgins.' I have no idea why.

a burner got up

Some footy:

Here's one of my new favorite people, Eric from Las Vegas. I've met him before but now I've gotten to know him a little more and he definitely lives up to the awesome things that I heard about him!

Kevin is another amazing Vegas person. A legend in his own time.

This guys has knocked himself out twice in two weeks. Lucas nosepick in between concussions.

Later that day I went here

Here's the proof!

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