Sunday, August 23, 2009

A new chapter!

So camp is over, and now Chumpchange can get good again. I'm sorry to anyone who was paying attention to the blog for the past few months, but it's sucked and I was over it. But now I'm back on the scene.

I'm in Santa Ana right now at the homies house.
Ari and Brad

Ari and Brad and a Yeah board!

We went to this half Trueride and half cement skatepark. It was fun, but my toe is pwned so I could only skate slightly.

Chumpchange is dead!

Oh wait nevermind it's alive

Brad's cousin Zack backsmiths for his Chumpchange debut

This is the hubba that made Ari want to lay down
Ari laying down just after that hubba pwned him

We saw this spot from the road and it looked amazing, it was all rough and shit.
We went to what's called the slider banks and I kicked it while Zack tried some shit

Brad rolling away with more steeze than you could shake a cane at!

Zack bluntsliding to staplegun!