Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thankful to myself....

......... for never having started drinking or doing drugs. I'm glad that I always know and understand exactly what I am doing. I'm glad that I'm never apologizing for things that I don't remember doing. I'm glad my walls don't have holes punched in them. I'm glad that I can take responsibility for everything that I do and say. I'm glad that I regret almost nothing in my entire life. I'm glad that I can deal with problems with a clear head. I'm glad that my parents aren't worried about me. I'm glad that I am in control of my entire life. I hope I can be a good influence on someone.


  1. X on my hand take the oath. To positive youth. To positive growth. And you thought you didn't have anything important to say. Word Tim. Word.

  2. You influenced me to give up on my skateboard tricks too easily. I peaked in hammy.

  3. i think she meant ward tim. ward hehehehhhehehe