Friday, February 20, 2009

Putting myself to the test.

I've avoided a lot of common vices in my life by simply not starting them in the first place. Through abstinence, I've successfully avoided getting caught up in senseless addictions to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and girls for my entire life. But I have one weakness, one vice, one thing that has over powered me for years and years: my stupid addiction to soda. The Devil's Children's drink. Grampa's grandkid's medicine. The Sweet Sauce. One too many times I've tried to drown my sorrows in a one liter bottle of coke, but all that awaits me at the bottom of the bottle is a long night of caffine induced insomnia that causes me to stay up late, and sleep most of the day, just to wake up already thirsty for my next cold one.

I've gone months without the Evil Elixer in the past, but that was years ago. I've always been proud of myself for keeping away from things that I think are bad for me. Abstaining from things is one thing, but quitting something that I've already started will be a real test of willpower.

I'm somewhat kidding about the soda thing. I do drink way too much soda, and lately I have been drinking more than my usual. So I'm going to give a valiant effort at quitting and see what happens. There is a really good chance that I am full of shit and will drink a Mountain Dew or Coke within an hour of waking up tomorrow afternoon. But if I do stick to my guns, I'm sure I'll feel better physically, I'll hopefully save some money, and maybe I'll lose some weight. I just weighed myself and at this moment, I weigh 450 pounds. I'll way myself after a few days of no soda and see if it makes a difference.

Wish me luck. I'm going to keep some updates on my progress. And who knows, if I can quit soda, maybe I can quit: biting my nails, fingerboarding, talking shit about people behind their backs, compulsive lying (I'm not a compulsive liar), spending money that I don't have, eating pizza every day, falling in love with every girl that I talk to, texting, living in the past, degressing in skateboarding, borrowing money from family and friends, etc etc.


  1. i was gonna quit coke, but then i realized i couldn't, then i couldn't afford it. so by default, i've quit coke.

  2. you've gone soft. drink some vinegar to clean the pipes.

  3. you spelled wiegh wrong you idiot. Maybe you should quit blogging too, since you don't even do it right. Where are all your party pics?