Monday, December 19, 2011

Sent to me By: The rebirth

So my excuse for not blogging anything for a while is and has been that I have no camera, and the camera on my phone is useless. Now I've got a new phone and no excuses! I thought I'd start I'd rebirth my blogging with a good ol' fashion Sent To Me By article:

Illinois Winters sending the homies indoors from Steve D

blevins dancing possibly... moving quickly anyways
Snow.. I'll see you this stuff very soon. from Hide
Steve D sent by Hide.
My old friend Jessica spends more time than anyone just looking upwards

Steve Biggs and Ben Smith. New(ish) friend and Old(ish) friend. sent by skip feathers
zoe and tony sent by Zoe, it's crazy how long I've known these two.
That's it for now... I expect a lot less eyeballs will see this than in my hayday. Oh well though, my fault for not getting a better camera phone earlier. Send me pictures to my phone

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