Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One Year with No Soda and Relapse

So I completed my year of drinking absolutely NO soda as of yesterday. I went 365 days without drinking a silly sugary substance that I thought for some silly reason I couldn't live without. I'm pretty proud of myself I guess. I mean it's all pretty goofy to feel dependent on a liquid that isn't water, but so many of us are 'addicted' to coffee, alcohol, caffeine, etc. I don't have much to say about the quitting soda experience other than it was silly for me to ever think that I couldn't quit anything.

All that being said, I have to explain my current soda status. Ari, who made the bet with me in the first place, came to my apartment today and told me he had a proposition for me. I was a little nervous that he was going to try to tell me about some scheme to double my soda money or something like that... what his proposition was is that for an extra $50 dollars to be added to the soda winnings, I'd have to read a book on nutrition that he recently read and also he wanted me to drink a soda with Ari today and then not drink soda again for another month! His thinking was that I would drink some soda today and then go straight back to quitting to show myself that I really really don't need it. I was already pretty sure that I was not going to start up drinking soda again anyway so why not take him up on his offer. On top of that, Peter Vlad offered to keep the bet alive another year and pay me the same amount as Ari to continue to not drink soda for another year!

So tonight after Tempe park Ari, Scott, Vlad, Pat O Brian and I went to Arby's for me to have one night of debauchery before going back to my soda-less life.

I drank a full cup of Mountain Dew

I wasn't happy about it or proud of myself

Ari made me do it....

I should let you know: the mountain dew tasted horrible but the shitty Arby's food tasted like gold.


  1. I wish I could get someone to pay me not to do something. You need to trick someone into paying you not to drink vodka. Or motor oil.

  2. Bucky all you have to do is start drinking more than 100 ounces of motor oil a day for 5 years and Ari will bet you a dollar a day you can't quit.